Friday, August 12, 2011

new stuff

Here is what's new:

1. On Wednesday we went to Rigby Lake (not my favorite place, but it was fun to go somewhere together as a family). The water was freezing but we still managed to get Talmage in it! haha...He liked it for about 15 minutes :)

At the beginning of that day he had a runny nose, and I thought it was just from teething. Well after the lake, missing his second nap for the day, and eating lake mud and drinking lake water, he was showing more signs of being sick. I felt like such a bad mom for not keeping him home instead, because I'm pretty sure going to the lake made him 5x more sick. Well that night he was up pretty much ALL night with a fever and very runny nose and slight cough. poor baby. He seems to be getting better though, and today is acting more like himself. Anyways...lesson learned!

I think the most fun part of that trip was going out with Jonathan on the pontoon (pictured below).
We got to that open water and all was so still and quiet. It was romantic even! I love having a husband that enjoys being outside and doing recreational things like that :)

2. Jonathan's little sister Cressa is visiting us for a few days. It has been great fun having her around and cracking up at stupid things :) Last night we did no-heat curls- here is the BEFORE pic.

There is no AFTER pics because mine didn't turn out at all and Cressa wasn't too impressed either. haha...I think we have the wrong hair type :( anyways it was still fun to try. The tutorial is here.

3. We have fish. Yeah...we caved in. It's hard not having any pets, so for now this will have to do. It's hard to get a good picture but this is Humphrey, our spotted puffer fish!

And our other one is too small and fast to get a picture of...we did have three but while cleaning the tank and transferring the fish Jonathan accidentally dropped one and popped his buoyancy bubble. So he sank to the bottom and died :( You can tell we are going to be awesome pet-owners.

4. I got a Silhouette! Finally! The company who makes them is coming out with a new version and so the Silhouette SD is marked way down. I also had a promotional code so it was like 60% off! I am loving it :) Here a few little projects I've done so far...
-Labelling toy bins

-Personalizing my computer!

I'm still learning how to use can be overwhelming at first. I have some other ideas of things to do but we will see if I ever get them done!

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Christy Bracken said...

Aww I am not a good friend/blog follower for not noticing this sooner haha. Anyways I already commented on facebook but I'll do it on your blog too CONGRATS..sooo happy for you guys!