Wednesday, August 17, 2011

preggo stuff

I really cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. I'm sure a lot of that has to do with not being sick, but whoa have those other symptoms taken control. I am tired ALL the time, really all the time. Every chance I get I curl up on the couch with a blanket and go to sleep, sometimes even with Talmage awake and playing. I feel terrible about this, but truthfully that boy can entertain himself for hours. Plus when he is around I don't think I am ever fully sleeping, just halfway between reality and dreamland :)

Another big one is oriental food. I do NOT remember having cravings this early on with T nor did I ever think it possible but WOW. I have persuaded Jonathan to go out for take-out (or sit in) Chinese, Thai, and sushi so many times and our wallets are suffering because of it. BUT...once that image gets in your head it literally makes you ill until you have it in your belly. poor husband...

Last night I officially felt our little blob swimming around in my tummy. I remember being so sad after delivering Talmage that I couldn't feel him moving around inside me anymore, and its wonderful to experience it for a second time! It doesn't happen often at this stage, and the flutters are very subtle almost unnoticeable. But definitely baby :)

Oh by the way, it really ticks me off that the only (yes, only) sushi restaurant in town has been closed for two whole weeks! Who needs maintenance?! I just need my spicy salmon roll!

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Mark & Rachel said...

You are so cute Linds! I cant wait to be back and see your cute preggo self and little family!