Thursday, February 7, 2013

bum bum & yum yum

I love my son's bum. It is so cute, so tiny & round, so squishy & squeezable. I know I probably just think this because I am his mother- but he truly has the cutest lil tushy I've ever seen. And that can't be said for everyone...Charlotte's bum, for example, is kinda flat and a tad bit hairy. not as cute, but still lovable.

Well anyway, these past few weeks we've all gotten to see T's tushy a lot more than usual because he is in the full swing of pottytraining! ahhhh I am potty training my child! so crazy. Well since he has to pee so frequently and pull down his undies all on his own, we've left the pants off. He just runs around in his underwear and a t-shirt all day. He loves it. If he could have the choice to be naked all the time, he would be. Freedom is happiness. :]

Just to prove how stinkin adorable this kid's hiney is, here are a few recent shots.

I'm sure he won't appreciate me taking this picture when he is older, but I couldn't resist. by the way, this standing thing we didn't teach must be instinctual!

This is from earlier today. He LOVES watching out our window for the school bus. We have lots of buses go by and one stops by right out our window. He always asks me "I get on the bus, too?" Nope. Probably never. I will drive him every day because I have awful memories from my bus-riding days. For now I will let him think they are magical and wonderful and exciting.  :]

Anyway, moving away from my boy's "bum bum" as we call it in our family, things have been pretty good lately. Jonathan didn't get his dream job and it was heart-wrenching for a few days. He's had a few more interviews and one still to come, so we are hopeful. I've been trying to keep myself distracted by re-designing some friends' blogs. It really was fun but now I need a break from that, too. Looking at the screen for so long isn't healthy, and I really should get my priorities in line. Like- get back into reading my scriptures again. I've always struggled with it but I know I will feel more happiness and peace if I do. I also need to focus more time to our children. It's great that they are independent and play on their own but some days I feel like I wasn't involved in their lives hardly enough. I want them to know that mommy can play and be fun, too :]

And Charlotte! She is just swell. I gave her meat the other day for the first time and she LOVES the stuff. good ol black forest ham with cheese!

She is a funny one. She's still pretty clingy to our legs when we walk around but is walking around a lot on her own, too. Follows her brother everywhere. And occasioanlly she enjoys lying flat on the ground to relax. I'm not even kidding.

Yep...I sure do love these two! They crack me up every day. Sure raising two little ones is tough...extremely tough some days more than others....but its the little moments that I live for.  Those moments I hold out for.


The Garlands said...

Those kids are adorable! Wish you lived closer so we could all hang out and play. :)

Matt and Jen McEvoy said...

Those pictures are priceless! I'm sure he will really appreciate them when he's older :) So sorry about the job, that is a bummer! You are doing so great at keeping positive though, keep your head up, things will work out!

Jayme Searle said...

The unknown is the hardest with the job situation. Cody had quite a few really appealing jobs lined up before he left school but they all fell through even after promises made in the interviews. It's tough but it gets better, your doing great at hanging out. And there is nothing cuter than bum pictures! So dang cute!

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