Monday, February 25, 2013

indoor campout- wahoo!

It's cold outside. Not like Idaho cold- thank goodness- but still pretty darn cold, enough to keep me and the children inside and snuggled up on most days. Since I knew it would be sunny (but cold) this weekend we came up with the idea of an indoor campout! In our living room. It was a pretty awesome idea if I say so myself :]

We put tents up- one for Talmage (its a play tent meant for inside) and one for us (our actual camping tent that we haven't used in over a year....I have excuses okay). We connected a tunnel from one to the other -- the kids had a hayday with that!

C's static-y hair, hehe

For lunch-dinner we had grilled cheddar bratwursts (a camping MUST), watermelon, and my all-time favorite cherry coke. Can you tell we are a little bit eager for the summertime? I can hardly wait till we go for real camping outside, road trips, farmer's markets, swimming in the pool, and berry picking!!! Anyway, back to the hot dogs....they were the debut of Jonathan's new outdoor stove (Christmas present from me). He was so excited to cook them dogs. how I love him.

she loved the watermelon.

a true campers meal. hot dogs & coke.

yep, he did take a picture of me eating a hot dog. love you too, hun.

When it got dark we shone our flashlights on the ceiling and made shadows with our hands, ate lots smores, and read bedtime fairy tales to Talmage. Charlotte slept in the crib but we let Talmage put his crib mattress in his tent to sleep. BAD IDEA. I mean he loved it but he was soooo hyper that he didn't fall asleep until midnight, then woke up at 6 am wide awake. And since he had access to everything in the kitchen....well you can imagine. Basically, he ate a lot of gum and sugar from the sugar jar. It was bad.

did you know there are marshmallows just for smores?! crazy new age ideas...

Not to mention Charlotte, Jonathan, and I are all sick with colds. So the combination of T getting out of his tent and C crying meant very little sleep for us. We probably should have picked a better weekend to camp out in our living room but oh well....and no, we didn't sleep in our tent. I hate sleeping on the ground and there is no comparison to my soft squishy bed.

and just because these pictures make me you go.

have a good week everyone!


Jayme Searle said...

Jonathon is nice to let you have a camp out! Cody tells me if I set up the tent inside he won't help take it down and it had to be taken down before bed haha I usually put an air mattress or our regular mattress in the tent to make it comfortable

Photographs n Memories said...

Great Ideas Lindsey. Your hair looks GREAt in all pictures! I was going to take a picture of my hair because i was proud of a "fancy" ponytail...not really fancy at all but for me it was....and than i see you, with your hair...yea, im failing. LOVE the idea and the blog post! cute cute lindsey!

The Garlands said...

That's such a cool idea. I'm trying to convince Tim that we need to make a trip to the beach and we should all go together!!!!! That would be so fun. :)

The Dennett's said...

yes Rachel lets do it! We plan on going to the beach many times this summer...and we have a tent shade and now a stove to take with us!