Wednesday, March 6, 2013

why haven't I done this before?

I'm still working on my sewing project that I was going to blog about. Not because it takes a long time, but because I am lazy- and I'd rather lay around and eat jellybeans while watching Grey's Anatomy than sew.

But in the meantime, here's something I wanted to share. Something least for me. And maybe it will encourage a few of you others as well. Or not. whatever :]

I've been asking myself for a few weeks now,

"Does every day have to be like this?" (meaning not good)
"Am I going to feel grumpy all the time?"
"How many years before I have time to brush my teeth?"

you know, stuff like that. I just feel like I can't keep up with life's demands, like I'm always being defeated by the things that must get done and should get done for me to be a good parent/wife/person. Life is CHAOTIC. And I beat myself up for laying around too much and being disconnected to the world and to my family.

One day it just hit me. A small voice said, "Pray about it." And after I poured my heart out, I knew exactly what needed to be done. I needed to prioritize and make a schedule.

Jonathan works four 10 hour days. I wrote down a schedule for those days, the other 3 being non-scheduled days so we can relax and be spontaneous and enjoy time together as a family. But for those four days, I decided to:

*wake up at 6 am- pray, study scriptures, exercise, shower, eat breakfast.  
Because I have NO time to do any of these after the kids wake up. 


*do something for my vanity.
Simple things- sugar scrub, mud mask, etc. Just one per day. Because feeling pretty is important. I know this now. 

*do something productive.
I have different ones: organize something, socialize at playgroup - YES this needs to be scheduled- make a craft, make grocery list. 

*spend ACTIVE time with kids.
Includes music/art day, active fitness day (toddler exercise, ha), pretend time day, and cleaning together day.

I know it seems silly to have to schedule these things...especially time with my children. But when I'm stressed or sad or upset, I truly lose all sense of what's important. And because of my OCD (not joking- I actually have it), things being written down is a huge help to me. example: when I go shopping for food and I want something not on my list, I'll write it down and cross it out before I put it in my cart. 

So now each day I can feel like I did the best I could, even if I don't do everything. And I'm respecting myself and my body by taking care of myself  so that I can better take care of our children. 

Seems fair. 
Seems RIGHT.

I'm glad I prayed about this one...

because these little ones are worth it :]

and so am I.


The Garlands said...

Awesome Idea Lindsey. I need to get back into the habit of scheduling, especially with switching to straight online classes this summer. I know the summer air will be beckoning if it ever shows up. ;)

Photographs n Memories said...

I swear you blog for me, or what I'm pretty much about to blog... Yesterday me and the kids were out the door doing a little shopping and picking up formula by 930am... We also went for a walk and I exercised... The tv didn't come on till 430 in the afternoon.... And my day went by SO much better and we were all happy. Love the post, love YOUR way of feeling better about yourself...LOVE the pictures if your kids, LOVE LOVE the last picture if you!!

Matt and Jen McEvoy said...

Awesome post! I think you definitely have the right idea. I hate schedules though and can never stick to them, but it is so important to make time for the important things! Good for you :)