Monday, March 11, 2013

Sewing HELL...& other crafts

okay...I exaggerate. but only slightly.

Every once in a while I do a project that I end up hating. Not because it didn't turn out cute or whatever, but because it was a nightmare to make. Because the tutorial was not clearly written or explained. Because I only have 2 hours to finish it before my kids wake up and I just don't have time to re-do all the steps! But I barrel through it anyway so I can see the end product- however it may turn out...

This week I did a project like this. I made Easter baskets for our children that I was so excited to make because the fabric was fun. But oh my heck...the stress! I had to seam rip so many stitches and re-cut and re-size all my was not fun. This project may have been a bit advanced for my sewing skillz.

I made Cs first. It turned out huge which is fine because I wanted it big, but it stands a little funny and lopsided.

The handles were too wide for wee fingers to clutch so I pinched them in the middle and sewed  over the pinches. like this.

T's basket turned out a little better, for whatever reason I don't know. Luck I guess.

and speaking of lucky! I actually made St. Patrick's day decorations this year. I've never done it before because it's not a major holiday in my book. But I had some materials in my scrap drawer to work with and I was bored, so I thought "what the heck?" and pulled out the ol Silhouette. I LOVE how everything turned out and kinda wish Easter wasn't so soon now...although I love Easter. a lot. (and by the way, what the heck is with those two holidays being one week apart? that's just crazy talk!)

I've also had some time to work on our bedroom a little more. It's a work in progress but I am loving the yellow.

 the comforter is reversible. on the other side are yellow, grey, & blue chevron. personally I like the yellow side. have I mentioned how much I LOVE yellow lately?
the frame was inspired by this Pinterest find.

 sunburst mirror inspired by these beauties here. I knew I wanted a big yellow one to brighten up my mood in the morning! ha.
the prints I made and printed out at Costco. the pictures are hung super straight I know. I'm flawless like that ;]

and some other projects I never blogged about (oops..):

recipe box I made back in December. made a few other for my mom and second mom as Christmas gifts. the recipes are written on index cards. what can I say, I'm old-fashioned...

I made a bunch of dollar store trays in all colors last fall, but I just had to show yall this owl. isn't it cute?!

and finally some new pillows for the couch. I loved this fabric from Joanns as soon as I saw it! it may not match perfectly but its still lovely to me :]

and for a little family update- Jonathan started his job at the hospital today! He spent all last week in training/orientation. He's nervous...but excited. And we're all nervous that this job won't turn into anything permanent. It's tough not knowing what on earth is going to happen to our family...but we are keeping the faith that something will work out.

meanwhile, I rolled my ankle this morning and cannot walk. It hurts a lot and I'm trying not to complain too much. thank goodness for compassionate friends. I was supposed to go visiting teaching today, but as I was getting things ready this morning (and holding C) I tripped over who knows what and nearly dropped my daughter. The table saved us, but I felt terrible about not being able to go vt. I called my companion and told her my sob story (not really ha) and she was so great about it. She came over to look at my foot and make sure it wasn't hospital-worthy, helped me get lunch for the kids and pick up toys, offered to have her husband pick up Jonathan from work (I had the car go visiting teaching...ah.) and is bringing us dinner tonight. She is an angel. and a lifesaver!

and the children...oh the children. They are high-maintenance, but we love them.

 we often find her digging in the trash. she loves garbage.

 he makes the weirdest smiles when I take pictures...haha....always sticks his tongue out.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week! I know I will...I'm gonna hobble on my crippled foot over to my friend Sharon's house and have a "Bachelor finale" girl's night! I don't care what anyone thinks, I watch it and I am not ashamed! ;P


Photographs n Memories said...

LOVE YOUR POST! Sooooo crafty! Seriously. Love the colors and ideas in your room... So bright and cheer-y! Hope your ankle heals fast and keep being crafty! Love it!

Photographs n Memories said...

I forgot to mention the Easter baskets.... I LOVE them and being homemade! Love it!!!

Joe and Bree said...

Love the easter baskets - especially the pink polka dot fabric on Charlotte's! Too cute!

browns said...

Ok you are way too crafty to me. I envy your ability to decorate. Seriously I showed Elijah and he said "yeah she has decorated her house very well"
I am glad I have you as a friend. maybe, just maybe, I can learn 1/4 of your skills

Kelly and Tyler said...

Love your post. thank you for sharing i never have time to comment but i read THEM ALL!!!!!!

Markie said...

Ugh, dang it Lindsey! You are SO crafty! I absolutely LOVE the Easter baskets, so so so cute. I can't believe you made those. I'd probably pay $30 for those at some store. Maybe more. And your bedroom is so adorable.