Wednesday, March 27, 2013

super duper exciting family update

It's been a while since I wrote about how our family is doing. Probably because -to me- nothing has changed. But to everyone else who we never see anymore lots of things are different! So here's a small (and possibly boring) update on the Dennett's : ]

likes his job so far.
is working in the maximum security part of the hospital and says its not as terrifying as he thought.
is adjusting to the longer work days as am I.
gearing up for fly-fishing and tennis as soon as the weather warms up.
has some kind of birthday surprise for me that he keeps hinting at, though I have NO idea what it is. not even the slightest clue. but he keeps asking me what my favorite colors are...haha. 

still waiting for my foot to heal (I sprained it two weeks ago). so annoying.
is actually starting to make some friends in the ward. I'm still really shy but trying to be better.
has been cooking like a maniac lately! maybe its a phase...?
taking a break from crafts for a while. I've gotta start on T's birthday quilt soon and it will take up all my free craft time.
still debating whether or not to cut my hair, now that it looks normal again. allow me to elaborate on this one:
           I stopped the "sorta-poo" method--I'm glad I did it because my hair feels healthier but I just couldn't go another day with oily hair. My hair is naturally pretty oily to start and when I made my first batch (with lots of essential oils) it was wayyyy too much oil for my hair to handle. So then I tried it again without oil or vitamin E and switched from a baking soda rinse to apply cider vinegar. It was a bit better but not much. I know it takes time for hair to look normal again, and I was willing to wait, but I started to doubt whether or not my hair type would ever look "normal" with this kind of cleansing. SO back to the store-bought stuff it is :) Jonathan still uses the one I made for him because his hair is naturally dry. Fun experiment and I'll wash with egg whites & ACV once a week just to keep it healthy and shining.

is almost completely potty-trained. yay!
POOPS in the POTTY now. that's nothing short of a miracle.
can ride a scooter and is still learning how to ride a bike. We don't have either but he gets practice during playgroup at the church once a week. 
got completely spoiled by his grandma this last weekend- she brought toys AND a cousin for him to play with! :D (his cousin is just 6 months older and they were attached at the hip for 3 days!)
has a new favorite movie that he talks about all the time and calls "weck-it-walph"
apparently is the "leader of the group" kind of boy, according to the nursery workers. not sure yet whether this is a good or bad thing.

gets funnier and funnier! seriously, she kills me.
signs "all done" and waves hello
shakes head for "no" and nods for "yes"
wears 18 month size clothes already. gah!
has sweet little blonde curls growing at the tips of her hair.
got 2 new teeth last week. teething was not kind to her (or us) this time around.
runs and climbs now! why is this happening so fast?!
is soon moving up to a big girl car seat (or Talmage's old one...)
has the biggest smile ever and people make sure to tell me whenever we take her anywhere :]

so that's it. No pictures this time because I haven't taken any in a while (must take a LOT this weekend- weather permitting!). life has just been busy. and exhausting. but I'm not complaining :)

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Photographs n Memories said...

I liked your post. It was straight to the point and all about you guys. And YES you guys have changed a lot. I didnt know you were potty training T man....and i had NO clue that little C can run! I swear she was JUST walking! Im sure your looking stunning as always! Cant wait to see what J has up his sleeve for your birthday! Wahoo for awesome post!