Monday, May 20, 2013

mother's day...blah.

I love being a mother. I love my own mother. I love the notion of singling out one day a year to honor mothers. It's a fantastic idea.

However, I do not like Mother's Day...mostly because there are all these expectations that never really come true. Like, kids bringing me breakfast in bed along with handmade gifts, and some incredibly creative or romantic gesture from the hubby. On Mother's Day, the world is supposed to be nice to me and my kids are supposed to be sweet little angels. Except it's never like that. So this year, I had no expectations and I wasn't disappointed. It was great thinking on my part.

And it was like I expected (or didn't expect..) it to be. The kids were terrible all morning long--cranky, snotty, whiney--and when we got to church it only got worse. But I smiled through it. And during Sacrament meeting, the youth speaker (bless her heart) went on and on about what a mother is. "A mother is patient with her children and humble and peaceful and full of love...etc" and I sat there with my head turned down, frowning at the ground. The smile was gone and I realized then I really hated this holiday. Then I went and taught my Primary class a lesson that they didn't really care about and they made sure to tell me how boring it was at the end. HA. I just wanted to laugh, really. I mean- the world was so not in my favor today of all days.

But then, there was one good part of the day. The part where my husband presented me with my late birthday/Mother's day present- a vase that he made for me in the ceramics room at work. And then I remembered that he let me buy an apron for myself about 2 months ago that I said was "going to be my Mother's Day gift so don't worry about doing anything.." (I often do this. Its bad, I know.) And that made me smile- NOT because of the material aspect of it- but the fact that he took time out of his routine to work on this vase, a little each day until it was finished. The fact that he traced a chevron design on it because it was trendy and even glazed it with colors that I liked. And even more, the fact that he gave me a rose each day for 17 days with a little note on each one telling me why he loved me. Mother's Day was great for me because it helped me appreciate my husband, however weird that may sound. He does so much for me..he uplifts me when I'm down and takes me outside of myself to see the big picture. He is my equal partner yet he takes on so much responsibility. I may not see all the reasons why I am a good mom but he does-- and that means everything.

So overall, it was a good Mother's Day...

but I'm glad it only comes once a year. really glad.

 oh, did I mention that Mother's Day also happened to land on Jonathan's birthday this year? crazy. We saved his birthday stuff for Monday, but it was still kinda fun sharing that day together. how I love him!

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Ashley Wright said...

Thank you Lindsey! I love your posts. They are always so honest and real. I can totally relate!