Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day was yesterday...

annnd I was a little consumed in other things that I forgot to post about it. whoops. well here it is!

"my daddy" according to Talmage.

What's daddy's name? 
d for dennett.
What does he do at work?
umm...he builds tracks for me.
What does he do for fun?
he plays with toys with me.
Can he catch a fish?
yes. one and two and three and four and TEN!
What does he like to eat?
mac and cheese!
Is he a grown-up or a kid?
a kid.
because...he's just so little?
Is he more like Spiderman or Hulk?
But the Hulk is mad- is daddy mad?
no he likes to HULK SMASH!
What does daddy help you with?
ummm he helps me smash.
Is he "really cool" or "super awesome"?
um. awesome.
Is he really smart?
yes, at work he is.
When he comes home what does he say?
he says he'll make me tracks.
...Does he just make tracks all day?
yeah, and...I don't know. I don't know what he does all day.
What's his favorite color?
red...or blue.
Who is daddy's favorite person?
Why do you love your daddy?

and there you have it :] the "tracks" he's referring to are the wooden train tracks from Ikea that he obsesses over. He gets very serious about building his tracks...and he has A LOT of them so he'll make a super long track at least once a day that may go from room to room. It's kinda funny that he thinks his dad loves them just as much as he does!

We sure do love daddy over here. I am so grateful to have him as my husband and as a father to our kiddos. There doesn't seem to be enough gifts in the world to portray how much he means to us, but we  each got him a little something. Matching superhero belts from Talmage (he LOVES heros these days), bow ties from Charlotte (because bows aren't just for little girls, hehe) and a fishing license from me (so that he can get away from me when needed. ha. jk)

He was skeptical about wearing a bow tie to church, mostly because "his buttons were showing". Is this even a bad thing? I have no clue about appropriate men's apparel so I told him "forget the buttons-embrace the new look!" I hope no one was offended by his buttons. I guess we'll have to get him a vest or something.

Of course, there are other fathers in my life that mean the world to me.

My father-in-law, who is a great big teddy bear with fantastic ghost stories to tell. On the day I met him we gathered for prayer around the table and he prayed that I would be comfortable in his home. Little did he know I would make myself VERY comfortable and become his daughter-in-law. haha. I love how passionate he is about growing beautiful things in his garden and keeping his loving wife happy no matter what.

And my own father, who gave me a love for canoeing & kayaking, photography, diy projects, Alfred Hitchcock films, and salty black licorice. I am realizing as I grow older that I am actually a lot like my dad--I am a perfectionist like him and need for things to be a certain way. If you want to call it control freak that's okay, cause that's what it is :D I am also passionate about the outdoors as he is- a trait that my husband tells me over & over drew him to me in the first place. Some other little things about my dad:
he always told me he liked me with short hair. and I totally agree.
he helped with most of my science fair projects, one of which got first place in my grade!
he taught me how to ride a bike on a pebbly street called Harmony Way.
as a teenager, when I was sad, he didn't pry or force me to tell him why. But he would sit by me, say sorry I was feeling bad, and be there for hugs if needed.
the first time I saw him bald I cried because I didn't recognize him (I was like 6).
he is extremely good at making things from scratch- be it wood strip canoes or a telescope or delicious artisan bread.
he was my bishop for 5 years and that was tough, but it made him a more humble and compassionate man.
he puts others before himself. every single day, every single time.
he is a sweetheart to my mom, and sometimes he shops for clothes for her.

I love my dad. I am kind of blown away sometimes at how amazing he is.

I hope yall had a fantastic Father's Day weekend :]

until next time!

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My Name is JACY said...

Are you kidding??? I love the bowtie!! And yes, buttons are cool if they show ;) if he feels weird about it still, pair it with a sweater vest. Problem solved ;)

Love you girl!