Monday, June 24, 2013

new perspective

this is a hearty post. lots of randomness. and pictures,, sorry ahead of time!

While living here in OR I have made some new mommy friends. I miss my other mommy friends terribly so it's been nice to have some women to talk to in person about parenthood struggles and such. One thing though about my friends here is that most of them are older and wiser :) I have learned so much from them and to be honest I want to be just like them!

A big thing that I have taken away from my friendship with these women is that they have the right kind of perspective. They don't spend tons of time on the computer blogging or updating their status updates or putting their entire lives on instagram. They use their very precious time doing things with their children and serving those around them. Of course I know they aren't perfect- but what amazing examples they are to me! I'll admit that I spend too much time consumed in the media world, and I'm constantly looking for ways to spend my time being more productive- but it's not always easy. The tv and internet are just so dang entertaining!

One thing that I love to do (outside the world of technology) is pick berries. It's seriously my favorite thing about these Oregon summers. Well it's officially berry picking season and we have enjoyed getting our own strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. One thing I really wanted to do this summer was learn how to make jam. I kinda missed the boat on making strawberry jam because we were out of town so much. But one of my new awesome friends Stacia and I got together to pick raspberries and make jam, and it was so much fun! We did cooked and freezer jams, both amazingly delicious though I think I prefer the freezer kind. I can't wait to make more flavors :D

That night I couldn't resist buying strawberries form the store and making a few batches of yummy strawberry jam, too. I know...they aren't *freshly picked* but it still turned out so good! We've also put our berries in pancakes and on top of cheesecake! yummo :D

Oh and also- whenever we go picking Talmage makes his way to the blueberries and goes to town. He eats and eats them, and then he has to tell me "THEY'RE SO JUICY!" ha ha.. funny kid. He has no interest in anything but those juicy blueberries.

And this is no secret- but the other thing I love to use as a retreat is sewing/crafting. Lately I've been doing more sewing than usual...I don't know why, but whenever we go to the craft store I can NOT get away from the fabric. I hoard the stuff and I don't even know what I'm gonna use it for. And when we went to the great big fabric warehouse in Portland it was like being a kid in a candy store. Usually I get little amounts like 1/4 yd of it doesn't end up being very expensive but then I have all these long scraps lying around. This last week I decided to finally do something with them! haha.

so here is what I've been working on, cause I know yall are so interested. ha ha. 

*bow-ties for my man* (Father's Day gift) Originally I was going to make ties, but I got overwhelmed and took the easier route :] They all have elastic to go around the neck.

more *bow-ties for my littler man* and for my BFF's nephew. these guys just have clips, so if the boy's head or neck grows they can still wear them!

*headbands for little miss* she pulls out bows and flowers but for some odd reaosn these don't bother her. yay!

*little coloring table* (got it from goodwill and painted it white)

It's great for rainy days (it rains here plenty- even in the summer) , or just somewhere to sit and eat a snack!

*fourth of july decorations* (I have very few but at least its something) I'm not the best at making paper pinwheels, so don't look too closely :]

when I'm not out picking, making food, or crafting some random thing I'm trying to find ways to get my kids out of the house. Especially Talmage because these days he has just been awful terrible insane toddler beast. But I know he gets cabin fever in the apartment. So last weekend Jonathan and I took him on a "Talmage date" to see his first big screen movie! We took him a few times as a baby but he was always sleeping (or nursing..that was fun. not!) in the theater.

When we were driving there he kept saying, "Oh no! Where's Charlotte?" He's rarely apart from his sister and he probably thought we were leaving her at home all by herself. I had to re-assure him several times that she was playing with the babysitters (two sweet young women in the ward). Eventually he calmed down and proceeded to ask when we were gonna get popcorn.

I got him a matching shirt and sunglasses, too. he rocked 'em!

He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time, though towards the end he got kinda sleepy and sat in our laps trying to find a comfortable napping position. lol. It was such a fun movie to go see with him- PERFECT for his age & liking. We can't wait to take him to Despicable Me 2 next month ;)

It was fun to spoil him a little. We rarely do things like this..usually it's just "put your shoes on and we'll go for a walk!" haha. Or- "k what show do you want to watch this time?"  or- "how about you go play in your room with a snack?" :D It was good for all of us to do something a little different.

and the best thing about it? Talmage went right back to being a sweet little charmer of a son...let's hope he stays this way for a while!

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Josh and Sarah Robison said...

: ) I love hearing about your life on here. I can't wait to see the bowties! Also, I am so jealous of your fresh raspberries and blueberries and all of the jams. Man oh man do those look tasty. I love you.