Sunday, August 25, 2013

bouncing and {almost} barfing

This morning we had one pure hour of awesome fun-ness. We celebrated Talmage going diaper/pull-up free by going to the Super Bounce! It was great- they loved it! I felt like such a good mom for spoiling them with this crazy idea of a morning.

And then the hour was over.

We got home, and Jonathan immediately went to the couch to lay down. He has been sick since yesterday morning but felt okay enough to go to the bouncy place. His okay-health didn't last long and within minutes his temp shot up.

The children, still hyper but tired from our morning adventure, decided to wreck the apartment. I gave them lunch and put them right down for their naps. J & I watched a redbox- Jack the Giant Slayer and it was really good. They slept solid for a few hours which was wonderful...but then they woke up.

It was hell from there. Jonathan got so sick he could hardly stay awake or move from the bed. He kept saying he was gonna barf but he never did, poor guy. As a woman who has been preggo twice, I can verify that throwing up makes you feel soooo much better (even if for a little bit). The kiddos decided that once again the place was way too clean for them and wrecked it once more. This time I had their mess plus household chores plus making dinner plus helping my sweetie feel better all at once. I got overwhelmed and went into ultra-cleaning mode- which totally wore me out. Now, I am not complaining...this is just how tonight went, and to add to it I am on the worst most painful day of my period. I didn't sleep much last night on account of J's snoring and waking up to take T to the potty twice, and I couldn't get much of nap to make up for it (I dozed off for a few minutes on the couch but was startled over & over by my children's screams and punches...ahh)

After getting the kids in bed for the night I escaped to Burger King for a mocha frappe (I'm not even sure if it's okay for me to have it...but its delicious and it cures my hormonal aches). Picked up more red-boxes, too...since I'm pretty sure we won't be going to church tomorrow.

So now here I am. It's nearly 1 am and my brain is in denial. It won't go to sleep because it doesn't believe that it will stay asleep. I decided to re-design my blog (yep.again.) because I felt it was too cute-sy but I think I made it even cutesier than before. haha...oh boy.

I'm going to bed.

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jjudkins said...

Very nice looking blog. But I have liked all of them. GET SOME SLEEP :)