Tuesday, August 13, 2013

more beach- plus peaches, nursery, slides, and a circus tent!

This past weekend we were thrilled to have Jonathan's mom and sister come up from Idaho to visit us! It gets kinda lonely around here sometimes, and family members make the best visitors!

Our first little outing together was picking peaches while Jonathan worked on Friday. This was my first time picking, but I was determined to learn how to can. My MIL is a pro at canning peaches...she has a peach tree at home and probably cans a hundred or more jars each year. It was kind of perfect that she came to visit just as the peaches were ripe enough!

We picked about 40 lbs, not a ton but enough to get started and learn the canning process. Surprisingly all 20 of my jars sealed. I was ecstatic! I think it will be overwhelming to do it again, without her help...but my pear order is coming in soon so I'll just try to bear through it (when the kids are asleep and husband is home).
Cressa had one request: that we go to the beach! Even though we were just there last weekend, there were no complaints! We LOVE the Oregon coast and any excuse to go is good enough for us ;)

In the morning we drove to a place called Devil's Punch Bowl- a big rock formation in the shape of a bowl where waves come in and out. It was a bit chilly but not bad. At the top of the hill where we were, there was this little shack called Mo's. I had never heard of it but J's mom was like, "Oh yeah! They have 'world famous' clam chowder here!" So of course we had to try it. Jonathan said my crawfish chowder was much better...and I have to agree. haha :) But it was perfect for the occasion and warmed us up!

And then back to the beach we went! This time we picked a different shore and we were a little skeptical that it would be nice because:
1. there was a 30% chance of rain that day--the only day in the week without complete sun.
2. all the tide pool beaches were further away, so to save some drive time we picked one nearer to us that didn't have a lot going on.

But actually, it turned out perfect with NO rain (even a little bit of sunshine), warm sand, loud and exciting waves, absolutely no wind at all, and some rocks in the distance that were fun to explore. Sadly, no starfish this time...but the beach itself was beautiful. We set up our tent on a sandy hill close to the waves, surrounded by warm dark sand. Michelle (my MIL),Charlotte, and I mostly stayed on the hill and buried toys in the sand for C to find. Talmage, Jonathan, and Cressa played in the waves and ran up and down the shoreline, digging for critters and seashells.

While in Lincoln City, we picked up some saltwater taffy. I tried this stuff for the first time last summer in LC and was amazed that I actually liked it. I'm not a huge taffy person...but this freshly made, Oregon coast taffy is superb.

As if our day couldn't get any better, we stopped at the Spirit Mountain Casino in Grande Ronde on the way home. J's parents always talk about going to the casino buffets and getting all-you-can-eat crab, and as glorious as that sounds we just can't ever justify spending that much on ourselves and going the distance to get there. But Michelle was so nice to treat us to dinner and it really was amazing! They also had chinese food and sushi and glorious desserts....mmm mmm mmm.

Needless to say, our kids were totally worn out that night. They each got a few naps here and there during travel time but they weren't used to so much excitement! It's the best feeling ever to drive home from a fun day and see the kids fall peacefully asleep in the backseat. They seem to fall asleep in the car a lot these days ;) They also stay up a lot later than normal because they now share a room and it doesn't get dark until quite late...summertime is the best :]

Sunday was eventful. 1. I was released from my Primary calling as teacher, and it was bittersweet. I haven't been to Relief Society in a year and a half and I was nervous to go for some reason, but glad to have a change of pace. Reluctantly, I went to sunday school with Jonathan and it felt really odd...all the old people had ipads...
and 2. Charlotte's first time in nursery. I admit that I skipped Relief Society and sat in the hallway...occasionally peeking into the windows to make sure she was okay. She's been attending nursery for the last month with Jonathan, but then they told me she actually belonged in the OTHER nursery (we have two) with leaders she didn't know. Thankfully Talmage is in there, so at least she's around one familiar face. She did great and didn't fuss at all, and I was so proud to see her sitting with the bigger kids and behaving just as good as they were. I forgot to get a picture...but I will this next Sunday for sure!

After church, we drove to Vancouver to see Michelle's sister and Jonathan's aunt Mandy. Mandy and her husband Larry cooked us dinner and then we went up to the park to play. I was a little shocked/ scared/ proud/cautious that Charlotte would go down the slide head first just like Talmage. And then backwards, and then with her feet up in the air, and then on her side....my gosh. Aren't little girls supposed to be lady-like and proper? hehe...

We loved having Cressa & Michelle come! Hopefully we can see them again really soon.

On another note, I've been in a weird mood lately where I've just wanted to re-arrange things. I think that I am craving change, and since we haven't found anywhere to move yet I have to settle with moving furniture around and organizing stuff. (Yes, we want to move into something with more bedrooms but it's proving to be difficult to find something in our price range. For now we are content with where we are...kinda. ha) I took the changing table down, moved the dresser, and then moved T's bedto make room for a new play tent from Ikea that they LOVE. I got the idea from my friend Jayme who recently got this same tent.

Charlotte's side of the room I like much better with the dresser (which is now where changing table used to be). It seems girlier or something, I dunno. Ignore the brown marks on the dresser...still need to paint those white. There were "child locks" right there but of course my kids ripped them off, taking the paint with it.

I love spoiling them with little things like this (and its gonna have to be little things for a long time...) I'm thankful that they are so easy to please.

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A.S.K. said...

I totally want to start canning some fruit. I did spaghetti by myself and it turned out well! I wish that we had some yummy Georgia peaches out here that I could can!

I love Charlotte's hair with the pigtails and headband. So cute!

The way your decorate their room is adorable. I'm all about change. I think I change around our living room every few months! haha!