Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn decor

So I haven't put up a lot of fall decorations really. Living in an apartment cramps my decorating style. I want to have a big white mantel over a fireplace to hang stuff from and an entryway table to hold lots of pumpkins but that's just not possible right now :(

All I can really do is hang a wreathe up,

put some stuff on my table,

and then some more very light-weight stuff on my goodwill shelves up high on our wall.

That's about it. I've since added some white pumpkins and these little jars on my table. I'll spare you more pictures, but they look pretty cute. I love Fall decor, and just about everything associated with Fall. I was going through our old pictures from the last 4 years this week and realized that I take way more pictures in the Fall than during any other season. So get ready! haha.

But, seriously, I apologize in advance ;)

Our household has welcomed the new season with sickness. This last weekend was no fun....even though it was only the kids who were sick, we all felt tired and miserable. I think they're getting over it a little now, but there's still snot everywhere and lots of incessant coughing. My original plan for this weekend was to go apple picking, make caramel apples, buy some new candles, bake a peach cobbler crisp, perhaps visit a pumpkin patch...and we did none of that! haha. You gotta love how such magical plans get ruined by a few colds.

Needless to say, we're sure spending a lot of time indoors doing nothing more than playing with toys, watching tv, and being cranky. I am ready to go OUTSIDE now :)

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