Saturday, September 14, 2013

soccer mom to beach bum

Since I don't drive a minivan, or have 3 or more children- I'm not sure if I qualify for the status of "soccer mom". But today when Talmage had his very first soccer practice, I felt like a total soccer mom yippee. I was shouting "YAY! KICK IT!" and "WOOHOO! GOOD RUN!" more times than I'm willing to admit. I probably looked ridiculous, but I couldn't help but be so proud for my little guy, especially when he scored his first real goal. His face was priceless, and you could just see all of his three year old enthusiasm bursting from his wiggly little body. He loved it.

patiently-or not- waiting his turn to kick the ball!

His three coaches. Noah, Zack, and of course his dad!

well, most of it. A couple of times we had to get him back on track because he has a hard time focusing on one thing for so long (typical toddler...I hope?) And he had one or two mini-meltdowns when another kid would "steal" the ball and kick it away from him, but it actually worked out as a good opportunity to teach him about fairness. I'm not 100% sure he cared,'s hard to teach toddlers the rules of life sometimes. :]

 Charlotte was less enthralled. She wanted me to distract her endlessly :)

Our fall season here is really weird. All this week we've been having nice cool days and lots of rain, and it's been wonderful because it FEELS like Fall should. And then there are these random days of pure sunshine and heat, like in the 90's. Today was one of those days, and I told Jonathan that the only thing I really wanted to do was go to the beach. So beach it was!

As much as I love to sit back and take pictures, I couldn't help but play with the sand and run up to the ocean waves. The beach always brings out the little kid in me. The reason I have no pictures of that is, because well...I was busy having fun! haha.

lots of starfish in the tide pools!

he always does this with his arms when I take pictures. not sure why- but its a lovable quirk!

I can't remember why he made this face, though he was genuinely upset. whatever it was, he got over it fast! and I just think his sad face is adorable :]

It was VERY busy.

We had a such a great time! (thanks to Jonathan who goes along with my whims...) Seriously every time we go to the beach it's so different from the last time- but always fun! Even though the sun wasn't radiating sunshine on us, the air wasn't cold at all and there were lots of fun things to see- including about a zillion paddle-boarders, surfers, boats, caves, tide pools, and great BIG rocks.

Still. I so badly want Fall weather to be upon us full bloom. I'm ready for hot chocolate days and falling leaves and apple crisp and scented candles. mmmm.

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Ashley Wright said...

Ok seriously Lindsey, Have I told you how jealous I am of you that you live so close to the coast! I've only been away 2 weeks and I am DYING to go back! You are one lucky woman! Plus Oregon is Gorgeous! I told Drew I want to move there. End of discussion! ;) Your kids are adorable as always!