Wednesday, October 23, 2013

the fast and the feline

Before I leave for Utah tomorrow, I wanted to post the pictures of this year's costumes for our kids.  I realized that we're getting back the day before Halloween, and by then it will basically be over :( So yesterday afternoon I took the kiddos outside to take a few pictures (not my best work, but it will do.. ).

I had very little motivation to get really creative on costumes this year...and I was all ready to go by Costco and buy some, when Talmage told me that he LOVED Incredibles so much and that he was just like Dash. It was perfect timing because I had no idea what he would be for Halloween and I was tired of thinking up ideas...I remembered that he had some red pj's with a reindeer on front, which could easily be covered up. All I needed was some felt, which happened to be on sale. Easy costume. No stress. Talmage thought I was awesome. Check, check, and check :)

In truth he doesn't like wearing the eye mask. He says its itchy (probably because its wool felt) and most of the time it slides up his face, covering his eyes. Haha. What can I say...I tried my best! Good thing he doesn't have to wear it for long! (Or maybe not at all if he gets his way..)

I love these last two. They show his personality so well :)

Little Talmage truly is *incredible*. I love him so much!

With Charlotte, I had a particular costume in mind for weeks- but when it came down to it, I didn't want to put the money or time required into it. Since she loves cats and walks around saying "MOW" (meow?) all the time, a kitty costume seemed like the best solution! And since its a pretty common and popular costume idea, I glammed her up a bit with stuff you wouldn't typically see a kitty cat wearing ;)

It turned out simple, classic, and oh so darling. She makes one adorable feline :)

 Playing with her ball of yarn like a little kitty should :)

...But of course, the leaves are way more interesting!

Licking her wee, I mean paws.

I stumbled upon the poofy polka-dot tutu and knew it would be perfect. It really is incredibly poofy, though its hard to tell in the picture. Its pretty hilarious to see her walk around in it. Since it was so big and dramatic, I decided to fore-go a tail. Hopefully it's still pretty obvious that she's a cat...the ears and whiskers should give it away, at least :)

Happy {somewhat early} Halloween!

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