Thursday, May 15, 2014

April-May catch up: part 2


So a few weeks ago it got REALLY hot, which is sort of rare for springtime in Salem. The weirdest thing is that even on the coast it was hot. Supposed to be 80 degrees! My friend texted me in the morning asking if I'd like to go to the beach with her and her son, Connor. Talmage LOVES Connor. And since I'll take any excuse to drive the minivan, I offered to take everyone :) We quickly got some house chores done, packed our beach stuff/snacks, picked up our friends, and we were on our way!

An hour and a half later, we were in Lincoln City (guess we didn't have to wait long before we could go back!). The beach was absolutely perfect- blue skies, blue waves, total sunshine, and even a shallow little river for the kids to splash in. It was heaven, though it certainly felt hotter than 80 degrees. I checked the temp on my phone and it was 85!!! You guys, that's super hot for Oregon springtime.

 Can you see how pink the kids were getting already? We had only been there for about 10 minutes when I took these! We put on their swim suits (that we didn't expect to were we to know there would be a fun river for them to play in?) and sprayed them head to toe in sunscreen. :)

We played on the beach for a solid 3 hours and the kids were completely exhausted by the end. Our timing was awesome- just as were leaving swarms of people came to our little spot by the river. On our way out of town we stopped by Mo's for lunch, but Charlotte didn't make it...hehe. She fell asleep in her car seat and continued to sleep in the restaurant on my lap. Everyone had pink cheeks, sweaty faces, and sand covered bodies. Thankfully, none of the kids got burned because we sprayed them down really good. But I was the dummy who forgot to put sunscreen on her back. I was a tomato on my backside. Little did I realize then how much excruciating pain I'd be in for the next few days.

The entire trip was a BLAST. The kids had the time of their lives that day! Although it was hard not having Jonathan there to assist with the kids... always is. Hopefully we can go back as a family soon- and to that exact same spot because the river was a lifesaver. I didn't have to worry about the kids getting swept up by ocean waves (yeesh...bad memory!) and they could stay cool by splashing in the water.


Now to get caught up to speed :) Mother's Day was last Sunday and it was lovely. Per tradition, Jonathan woke up earlier than me and made crepes (my favorite!). He gave me some sparkly earrings that I've had my eyes on for a while- so sweet. The kids were behaving awesome for once- it always seems like they are much worse on Mother's Day...just irony slapping me in the face. But this time they were great and we headed to church all smiles :) Talmage sang a sweet Mother's Day song in Sacrament meeting with all the Primary kids. It was his first time going up there, and he stood in the very front and hung his arms over the edge. Every once in a while he looked right at me and waved. hehe. We've been practicing the song song a lot at home, and he knew it word for word. He sang LOUDLY and beamed from ear to ear. It was the best thing ever.

During church, I went in to the bishop to get my temple recommend renewed. After the interview I spoke to him about some things on my mind, and he took the time to study a few scriptures with me. It warmed my heart and comforted my soul...and honestly it was the best part of Mother's Day for me. I felt the Spirit so directly that day and that was something I really needed. After church we came home and made pizza. It was such a great day without being over-the-top or complicated.


My hottie of a husband turned 27 yesterday! He opened his presents from all of us the night before since we weren't sure we'd have any time as a family on his actual birthday. He wasn't going to be home until late because of meetings.

Anyway, I got him a huge bag of his favorite flavor beef jerky, a new fishing license, and a cover for his grill. Talmage got him a stuffed animal fish to keep at work, and Charlotte picked out some Chums for his precious sunglasses that always fall off into the river when he goes fishing. A month or so ago his mom got him an early birthday present that we so desperately needed- a new lawn mower. And our first lawn mower! Jonathan has come to LOVE mowing the lawn and I'll admit it makes me feel really grown-up when I see him out there sweating and pushing it along :)

Since we thought he'd be gone all day, I had him take a few hours off in the morning to have breakfast with me. We went to a place called Word of Mouth that's an old cottage turned into a bistro. The food was AMAZING and oh so good. The last time we tried to eat there, our kids were with us and there was an hour wait time. It's always so busy and they have only a few tables. It was the perfect place to go for a special occasion. And what's more special than my man's birthday?! ;)

I got ordered the creme brulee' french toast with a side of fruit and eggs. It was HUGE and yummy. We're definitely going back!

Call it birthday luck- but his super long meeting got CANCELLED and he came home at 4 pm! It worked out perfectly. I made baked creamy chicken taquitos for dinner (our mutual favorite) with cilantro-lime dipping sauce. And for desert we kept it simple with root beer floats. I'm pretty sure the kids sang "Happy Birthday" to him about 8 times.

I had taken the kids to the park earlier so that they'd be good and tired for bed, meaning Jonathan and I could do something we've wanted to do in a loooong time.....GO TO BED EARLY! hehe. Sorry, couldn't resist. We did it, too. 9 pm, people. It was heavenly. Happy birthday, indeed.

And since then, we've just been outside soaking up this sunshine. I'll admit it wouldn't be as fun if we didn't have AC inside the did we live without it all these years?

So that catches me up on the ol' blog. I've felt really busy and slightly overwhelmed lately with callings, but I think I'm going to be released from one of them pretty soon. This pregnancy has also been taking a toll on me, but Ill save that for the next post.

Until next time! :)

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