Friday, July 18, 2014

24 weeks

I wanted to document just a few things about this pregnancy at 24 weeks. Honestly not much has changed from four weeks ago...I had an appointment a few days ago and my main concern that I discussed with my midwife was pain in my hips- more specifically pain in my right hip. Whenever I get up from sitting on the couch for a while or from laying in bed, I have to get up very slowly or else I'll collapse. For some reason my hips become completely useless about 60% of the time and I have to hold onto things to walk. It's strange because my belly isn't even that big yet, but I feel like I'm three times the size that I am. I'm sure if anyone saw me try to walk after sitting they would roll their eyes and think I'm being overly's pretty ridiculous looking. haha.

My midwife assured me that the pain is normal and because of uterus position, it's not uncommon to have hip pain on the right side. She suggested physical therapy as an option but I think I'll wait to see how the next few weeks go. Stretching has helped and I'm sure I could drink more water, too. It's not fun but I think I can bear through it for another 4 months :)

She also said I'm measuring two weeks ahead, but this changes all the time so I think baby just had a growth spurt. I feel little miss's movement constantly- and FINALLY so can Jonathan and the kids! We like to sit and watch my stomach move up, left, and right... haha. It's such a bizarre yet amazing thing.

And the most exciting part of this whole post- We have a name for baby! I always feel strange announcing the name early on because of unwarranted opinions from some people... so I think I'll hold off for a while- but this is the backstory:

A few weeks after Charlotte was born, I came upon a girls name that I fell completely in love with. As much as I couldn't even fathom having *another* baby at that point, I could not get it out of my head. I had dreams about having two girls with the names Charlotte and _ ... the two fit together so perfectly. For the last 2 1/2 years, I have felt the same way about this name. I'm kinda obsessed with it, actually.

When we found out we were having a girl, I told Jonathan I'd be open to bringing a list of names to the hospital to see which one would "fit." the last few weeks, all those other names slowly got weeded out and we both feel that the name I wanted in the first place is THE one :) We've started replacing "baby" with this name and it feels so natural and fitting already! I can't wait to meet her so we can put this name to a face!

In other news, Jonathan's parents came to see us a few days ago and with them came a piano!

This piano is old- really old. I'm not even sure how old. J's parents bought it an at auction for his grandmother shortly after they were married some 30 something years ago. It's been in the care of his beloved grammy ever since. When she passed away last year, it stayed at his uncle's house where she lived. They asked us if we were interested in inheriting it, and since Jonathan loves to play and has such fond memories of it as a child, we were thrilled! It took many months to find the right time and way of getting it down from Garden Valley, Idaho to Salem, Oregon- but this week his parents surprised us and made the trip out here! 

It wasn't easy getting it through our narrow back door... because it is an "upright grand" it's a very large, very heavy piano. I felt helpless from the sidelines as I watched Jonathan and his dad use all their strength while sweating from head to toe. But they got it inside safely, and the kids LOVE it. 

Jonathan is a wonderful piano player... me, not so much. I can't read music or play anything more complex than "Chopsticks" (with the exception of a few VERY simple hymns I can "sight read"). I have always told J that if we ever had a piano I would want him to teach me how to play- and I'm seriously excited to learn! Mostly, though...I'm excited for CHRISTMAS music being played in our home! I love the scene from Little Women when the family is gathered around their new piano and singing Christmas melodies. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. :) I am aware that Christmas is 6 months away, but I don't care. I freaking love Christmas music! 

And just because this Christmas we'll have a brand new baby to love on, I'm sure it will be even more magical :) Ahh... come on and get here already, holiday season!

Enough Christmas talk. We're soaking up the summer as best we can with our crazy schedules. Painting furniture in the garage on the less hot days, picking berries, making plans to go the beach, staying up way past our bedtimes, and running through sprinklers in the back yard! (that last one is just Talmage, actually...)

As our last summer of four, I hope we can live it up! 


The Leders! said...

Hey! Cute post! Love the piano! I wanted to comment and tell you that I had the same kind of hip pain when I was pregnant - and I couldn't walk. It was scary... sometimes when I stood up I would just collapse and would NOT be able to walk. There was no way. I remember crawling on the floor in pain, although crawling was even hard! Thankfully Chris was usually around to help me. I can't remember now the details, or much of what my doctor said but I do remember them saying it was okay and nothing to worry about. I couldn't imagine how it could be "normal" to lose the ability to walk at times and to completely collapse but it was and all was fine! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well! Xoxo

jjudkins said...

The pregnancy pictures are sweet- belly looks pretty big... Either baby grew a whole bunch recently, or the angle of the picture just makes it look bigger :) adorable!