Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Vacay part 3: back through Idaho we go!

Our time in Utah was at an end, so we hitched ourselves back to Parma, Idaho. This time Jonathan's little sister Cressa and her hubby were around- it was nice to see them! Through some pretty awesome connections, every year Jonathan's parents have boxes full of FREE fireworks- even the illegal ones :)

That's right, you guys...NIGHT THREE of fireworks! We kinda love them.

The sunset was beautiful as we sat outside. The sky was all pink, purple, and orange. So lovely.

We lit these gigantic paper lanterns into the sky...and we were all afraid they'd catch a cornfield on fire. :D But luckily they floated on and on! It was really neat to watch.

The littles especially loved the poppers, smoke bombs, glow sticks, and sparklers. Oh to be a kid again!

We literally had a BLAST setting them off! Towards the end, we sat a little too close and I got a flying piece of debris in my was kinda scary for a moment, but everyone was safe. :) We called it a night shortly after that and the kids fell right to sleep. Gotta love vacation schedules. 

Grandma Dennett always sends tons of legos home with us. She finds them at yard sales and buys them new when they go on sale. It's pretty insane how many she collects! And when she sees Talmage its like Christmas all over again..ha...Jonathan loves any excuse to build legos with him, but we're starting to run out of room! :)

When we got home, the boys wasted no time with some serious lego building. 

Thanks Grandma! 

Charlotte misses her grandparents heavily now...she is always asking me if she can go to Mimi's house or sit on Grandma's lap. She LOVES her grandmothers, and I'm so glad she is able to establish that relationship with them. Hopefully we can have J's parents over for Thanksgiving, and then mine will be coming for Christmas. I'm so relieved...I hate goodbyes!

Now that we're home, we are trying to get the kids back on a schedule. This hasn't been too hard, actually... they want to sleep ALL the time. We've also been getting some house projects done- it feels sooo good to check some of those off my list that I've had forever. Before we left we painted baby's dresser and I love how it turned out. I'll be sure to post pictures when its all done, but we have a ways to go!

Yesterday was so nice. In the morning we played with legos (yes, all of us) and when the kids went down for a nap Jonathan and I played Dominion (I won- heck yes!). Jonathan mowed the lawn, watered the grass, and washed the van while I spent 4 hours re-arranging furniture and cleaning/organizing the kids rooms. (Amazing what you can get done with no Facebook account. I stopped using mine about four weeks ago and I haven't had a SINGLE regret!)

I also took ALL the nursery stuff out of T & C's  rooms. I've got some fun ideas for their "big girl/bigger boy" rooms before baby comes. If you can believe it, Talmage still had nursery decor in his room and he's 4 years old. Yikes. It's hard for me to come to grips with the fact that my babies aren't technically "babies" anymore. But they are loving the added floor space in their rooms and it makes it a little easier to envision a third child in our home.

We ended our night with a trip to Home Depot for paint and other stuff. We have got some living room furniture to makeover, too! It's pretty overwhelming, so I'm just going to do one project at a time and see how far I get.

Summer is the time to get things DONE! And the time to play :) Hopefully we can do both!


The Leders! said...

I love this post :) You are so organized! I am daily inspired by your photo book collection and ever since you posted that pic of them on your fb I have ordered 5 books - Chris got me a shelf just for them that is on our living room wall :) I have to ask though - your kids take a 4 hour nap?!?! Or even any nap at all? Ellie hasn't napped for a reeeeally long time and she just turned 3! I hear ya with summer being a productive time of year... we are doing big time house cleaning/organizing this week! Keep posting! :)

The Dennett's said...

Katie! Thanks for your sweet comment :) It makes me SO happy to hear that you love making photo books just as much as I do! Keep it up! It was hard to get going with them at first because my pictures were so unorganized and I had so many- but now it feels so good to get another one done and I love having our family's life documented! Anyway, our kids usually take 2 hour long naps (always Charlotte, sometimes Talmage) but they've just been so tired from our vacation and all the traveling :)