Friday, September 12, 2014

mountain camping: part 3

As we drove down the mountain towards home, we stopped at a place called Salmon Falls for the kids to have some water play. The river was nice and shallow and a lot warmer than the alpine lake we were just at. 

The kids had the time of their lives playing with rocks. Such a simple thing but they could play with rocks for HOURS. I'm seriously considering putting rocks in their bath tub.

I'm really glad I brought these shoes on our trip. We had to walk over so many rocks, uneven surfaces, and down slopes of dirt. Ever since my sprain, I've been terrified of falling again (especially with having next to ZERO balance, thank you pregnancy). I got a couple of good supportive shoes after my pediatric visit many months ago and they've helped my injuries and stability so much. 

When we got home we were all so exhausted- but in a good way. I'm glad we ended summer with a bang :) I'm also really grateful that we can have opportunities like this as a family...a friend and I were talking about this last Sunday. There is just something so wonderfully special about being with your own family unit and strengthening those relationships. We rarely go do stuff with our friends, and it's not because we don't have friends or are anti-social...ha. But we just love being together- our own little unit. We have made so many priceless memories this summer and I look forward to all the ones we have yet to make!

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