Monday, September 29, 2014


I'm probably going to be posting a lot this coming month about various projects/family outings, so I thought I'd first sneak in a little update about what we've been up to lately. October is always THE MOST CRAZY month of the year for us. I don't know just is. And this year it happens to be the month before a new baby- so it's even more insane.

Anyway. Here's a breakdown of our life :)


The mr. has been busy with work mostly. He entered a really awesome drawing into a contest at the hospital, and if he wins he gets a $25 gift card to Craft Warehouse. Ha. I said, "What are you gonna do with that?" and he said, "I was going to give it to you." So sweet :) He knows the way to my heart for sure.

He also has been taking patients on fly-fishing trips, which he LOVES. This really is his dream job (for the most part..). There are definitely parts of his work that are somewhat awful/disgusting/trying on his patience but he has the passion to truly help these people and improve the quality of their life.

When he comes home he devotes himself 100% to the kids and I. I'll be honest- by the end of the day I'm pretty much worn out and just want a break. I'm so glad that I can look forward to this break every day at 4 pm :) Yesterday he watched the kids while I took a 4 hour nap. It was heaven. He never complains either, probably because in return I make delicious homemade meals and baked goods ;) (sometimes that meal is mac n cheese, but still..)


I've been trying to put a lot of focus these days on getting ready for labor and delivery. I slacked off for a long time because I was just SO sore in my hips and really, really tired. But it seems like I've gotten a surge of energy from who-knows-where...suddenly I'm realizing I'm not as prepared as I thought I'd be. So in my spare time I'm either reading, getting into positions on my birth ball, practicing pain-management with ice cubes, or attempting self-hypnosis. I didn't realize how difficult that last one would is SO hard for me to truly relax and stop my mind from racing back and forth. Jonathan has been a great help- he'll hand me the ice cubes and place them behind my ears and time the fake "contractions" while encouraging me through the pain. It's not super fun but it does help me feel more ready for the big day :)

And then there's everything else. We've searched our garage high and low for the box of newborn and 0-3 baby girl clothes. So as of right now I have NO clothes for baby, which is a little stressful. I refuse to buy a bunch of clothes when I know they are hiding somewhere... :(

It still seems like I have a million projects to get done in the 5 remaining weeks... but honestly I would rather just bounce on my ball. This thing melts my aches away!

Yesterday our Stake had a "Day of Service" followed by the Women's Broadcast. It was a crazy time but wonderful. It definitely got me thinking about finding more time in my life to serve others.

The Primary had their big program a few weeks ago and I was SO proud of our little guy! I love that he loves learning the songs and he sings them ALL the time. He even memorized his part and said it perfectly, with a super serious and concentrated look on his face. haha. He's repeated his part so much in the last month that even Charlotte has it memorized, too.

I am really thankful for the Primary program. I can see his testimony growing a little more every month. He's so eager to know his Savior. 

Talmage still loves cars/trucks, ninjas, superheroes, dinosaurs, and pretty much anything that boys love :) He is REALLY excited to either be Spiderman or Batman for Halloween (or both!). He tells everyone he meets about his new sister coming soon, and that she is growing in mommy's tummy. Some people are like "aww, how sweet" and some (like total strangers) think he's a weirdo for talking to them. haha. One quirky thing he does lately is say "last year" a lot. Like, for example: "Did you make that last year?" or, "Who said the prayer last year?" or, "But I took a nap LAST year!" I keep reminding him the word he's looking for is "yesterday." I have no idea how his timeline got so messed up.

Still, we love our little Talmage. He is so darn sweet, good-natured, and genuine. 


Ohhh my little Charlotte. She is just the sweetest. Both Jonathan and I talk to each other all the time about how we just CAN'T get enough of her and does she really need to grow up??

Everything about this girl is adorable. I don't wanna be one of THOSE moms that says annoying things like that all the time so I'll just say it once- right now. She is the freaking most adorable little girl ever. Her toothy smile, her ringlet-y (and sometimes lioness) hair, her little words and phrases, and just her overall personality make me want to squeeze her little body and kiss her face constantly. Sure, she's a sassy pants...but even that is cute. I think that as the time approaches for another gal in our family, I realize more and more just how special Charlotte is and that no one will ever take her place. We will love the new sis just as much but C will never be "our other daughter". She is one of a kind :)

And yes, she has chosen to be Cinderella this year for Halloween. However much I love making costumes, it's just NOT gonna happen this year. And sometimes you just gotta let your boy be a superhero and your daughter be a princess, for heaven's sake. As a bonus, her "Cinderwella-lala" dress is so so darling on her.  I just about died.

Charlotte loves Sophia the first, Doc McStuffins, all things princess-y, cats and kittens, and playing with her kitchen and dishes. She brings me "breakfast" every day (just a bunch of fake fruit and such) and rubs my belly as I pretend to eat. Like Talmage, she's very aware of the baby in there and though she's too much a busy-body to sit quietly and feel the baby's movements, sometimes it happens while she's on my lap reading and she thinks it is the MOST amazing thing ever. I love those moments.

These two are READY for baby to come. I've been cherishing every week with them knowing this time with just the two of them is precious and won't last long. They are best friends- I hope that all three of our kids will be the best of friends as time goes on.

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