Sunday, October 5, 2014

pumpkin patch #1

Since our weekends as a family of four are limited, we decided we would hit up a pumpkin patch every weekend in October! This isn't hard to do...there are SO many awesome farms around here that have pumpkin patches in the fall- all offering slightly different things. It makes each one fun in a different way, and our family gets to make even more memories together. :)

This weekend we enjoyed watching General Conference at home, but in between sessions on Saturday we made our first pumpkin patch visit. We love Fordyce Farms because it is family-owned and maintained and the staff there are all SO friendly and laid back. The dad can often be seen on his tractor getting things done, but he always stops and says hello to our kids. We also love this farm because it is usually less crowded and most everything is 100% FREE. This year they had a Dr. Who corn maze which we were really excited about- but since it was hot and our kids were restless, Jonathan and I made up our minds to come back another time to do the maze.

Instead our children enjoyed a smaller hay-bale maze inside one of the sheds. It was pretty cute and there were these little cozy chairs to sit on. :)

I love C's face in this one...

As you can see, it was SUPER sunny and these poor kids had to smile for the camera. So I got some pretty funky smiles.

And then the best part! Climbing on the gigantic hay fort- complete with tunnels, secret passages, and a hay loft to jump into. This fort is really the number one reason why we wears out our kids completely and is endlessly entertaining.

I can't even count how many tunnels were in this thing...and I'm pretty sure they found them all!

Expect lots of belly pictures for the next few weeks...I kinda love being in the late stages of pregnancy (weird I know) and I like to have them documented :D This time is will be here before we know it!

 Charlotte sitting on the very top of the hay fort! Brave girly.

Jumping into the hay loft. haha...

Jonathan took the kids for a wagon ride to the pumpkins but we didn't pick any out this time. See the corn in the back? I can't wait to come back for the maze! I used to work at a corn maze and I now have a love-hate thingy for them :)

 Too sunny to look at the camera so...hugs it is!

Before we left the kids colored some Halloween pictures. Can you see how sweaty Talmage is and how red-faced Charlotte is? That's from playing hard and from wearing long-sleeves on a pretty warm afternoon (my bad). 

We had so much fun! Even though we were the only people there...ha ha. Fall is just beginning but already I can feel the autumn spirit warming our home and bringing us together. There's just too much to love about this season!

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