Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cinderella & Spiderman

This year, I am just way too pregnant to be making costumes for the kids (my due date is 4 days after Halloween!).

At least, that is what I've been telling myself. It turns out that even after having the pre-made costumes in hand, I still had to bust out the ol' sewing machine to alter the sizes and then track down accessories. Blah. Oh well. :)

Charlotte of course wanted to be a princess. Probably any princess would have made her happy- but she particularly loves Frozen and Cinderella (or, as she would say, "Fwozen!" and "Cinderwel-la-la!") We went to Target and the Cinderella dress was 40% off, plus I figured that EVERY other little girl was going to be dressed up as Elsa or Anna this year. I held up both options and she picked Cinderella- whew! Plus, I have to admit that the Cinderella dress was a ton more sparkly and poofy and just altogether adorable.

I always like to take some fun Halloween costume pictures of the kids to really "get into character". :) For Cinderella we pulled out some pumpkins (if only I could magically turn one into a carriage- darn!), vines, and a few of her little Cinderella toys for kicks.

It's been raining EVERY day here lately but there were a few breaks in the clouds today that allowed us some picture-taking time. Still, the ground was soaking wet so I had miss princess sit her royal tush on a blanket. It worked out just fine!

 This is her "Oh no- it's midnight!" face ;)
In the bottom right picture, she is pointing to Talmage who was watching from the kitchen window. haha.

For accessories I added a silver sparkly ribbon headband and "choker" on her neck just like Cinderella wears. And what's a cute outfit without a big bow? :)
I just love these "Where's my shoe?" pictures. Too bad we don't own a pair of glass slippers!
I gotta thank my husband for those shots, since I really struggled laying flat on the ground to take them :) It's sort of challenging to be a nearly 9 month pregnant photographer...

For Talmage, it was easy. Again, OR SO I THOUGHT. After all he already had a Spiderman costume that he was obsessed with since his birthday in April. My mom got it for him and I knew it was a little big but when we tried it on was still REALLY big. Like absurdly big. I literally had to take it in in 8 different places. It's not perfect but at least he looks a bit more like Spiderman instead of Spiderblob.

We had some errands to run this afternoon, so we decided to just go ahead and find a spot downtown for his pics. The bus depot was perfect- it was completely empty and there was lots to work with. Oh how these pictures make me smile!
 The spider that made him the hero he is today! {cue the cheesy theme song}
Showing off his spidey-moves.
I found this awesome spider web at Target's dollar spot. We had a little too much fun with it...
 Climbing walls requires great concentration...
I just love how goofy this kid is... and how much he loves superheroes! He is truly the best.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that baby comes AFTER Halloween so that we can all go trick-or-treating together. It's sort my favorite thing that our family does all year! Plus I am totally taking advantage of the whole pregnant costume thing. I rarely dress up so it's really simple but I can't wait to wear it! More on that later :)

I am so excited for this next week! If only everyone can get to feeling better before our ward's trunk-or-treat...(Talmage got the croup, Charlotte caught it as a cold, and both of them made Jonathan and I sick simultaneously. lovely.) On the one hand, I'm glad we're getting the sickies out of the way before baby...but then again, it's a pretty miserable situation. Halloween will make it all better (I hope!).

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