Friday, March 13, 2015

Penelope at 4 months

4 months! Yipee!

Penelope has a few new talents...she rolls over both ways (we work on this a LOT), can kinda sorta sit up on her own for about 5 seconds (we work on this almost never), laughs at the drop of a hat, actually enjoys her tubby time (meaning: she now smiles during her bath, ha), grabs her toes and holds on, squeezes her toys when you pull them away from her, and imitates our expressions with bubbles from her mouth. So yeah, she's pretty darn cute.

A few not so fun things:
She is a light sleeper during the day. Kids wake her up constantly. Those people that tell me that babies adjust to the noise and she'll be fine, blah blah blah...she hasn't adjusted and it's been FOUR months, people.

Add to that the fact that she now gets "night terrors". They may not be terrors, exactly...but some unholy thing wakes her up from her DEEP sleep and out of nowhere she is screaming at us. Not fussing or whining, but screaming. She does this about 5 times each night before settling in completely...some nights her last round of screaming ends at 2 or 3. So we often get only a few hours of sleep.

When I daydream about baby #4, I need only remember the exhaustion and frustration we feel when these screaming bouts occur. And just like that, I'm ready to have my tubes tied. Not really...but maybe...

Because of those long nights, I tend to "sleep in" after Jonathan leaves for work. Well it's more like I lie in bed, eyes wide open, forcing myself to get more shut-eye before facing the day. We made a Good Morning chart for the two older kids. When they behave and don't destroy the house while I'm "sleeping", they get a smiley face for that day. Ten days of smileys means they draw a prize. And these prizes are legit. We're talking trips to the zoo, movies, new toys, etc. That's how desperate I am for a few hours of peace. This system is working nicely for now :)

Anyways- back to baby! Last night I dug out all of Charlotte's 3-6 month size clothing for Penelope. Hand-me-downs from myself are the best. I love remembering all the fun outfits I bought for my first daughter.

I was secretly really happy that P's four month sticker was green- perfect for March! And then I stole Charlotte's gold bow. I love having two girlies who can swap stuff.

That last one is my favorite. Gosh how I love her.

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Jill said...

She is beautiful! I get the no sleep thing. I am a zombie these days. I just have to tell myself that it can't last forever and then imagine my grandma or another angel hanging out with me during the long nights. Kind of weird but that's what gets me through. :) girls are so much fun. And Penelope is such a pretty little girl.