Monday, August 3, 2015

mermaid felt doll

Last week Charlotte told me that she wished she was a mermaid. This was no surprise...everyone in our household is very much aware of how much Charlotte is completely obsessed with mermaids! I started thinking that it would be fun to make a paper doll mermaid that she could dress up. My grandma used to play paper dolls with me for hours when I was little...I still remember how special I felt that she took the time to do that with me. 

Since I have totes full of felt just gatherin dust in the garage, I decided to go the felt route. Plus felt is great because it doesn't rip as easily as paper and it naturally adheres to other felt surfaces. I began with a simple naked mermaid shape, then added some bead eyes and bellybutton and hand-stitched mouth. To enforce the doll I ironed some stiff interfacing on the back, which I also had laying around in my craft supply pile. 

And then the outfits! Charlotte insisted on an Ariel and Melody ensemble. If you haven't seen the second Little Mermaid movie, Melody is Eric & Ariel's half mermaid half human daughter. :) 
 The treasure chest was fun to make. It opens and closes with a button enclosure, and when it's open the button looks like it's part of the treasure hoard. 

Charlotte also asked for an outfit that looked like her. Easy! 
And one that looked like me. 
Talmage loves penguins, so he suggested an "ice mermaid" with a pet penguin. Heck yes!
And since our beloved auntie Cressa has long, flowing red hair, we had to make a Cressa mermaid too :) 
The last outfit is all things girly- pink and sparkly! Charlotte calls her "Princess  Pink". 

My favorite part about this craft is that I already had everything on hand, which is helpful since I have like zero desire to go to the craft store with 3 kids. Ha.

Another good thing about this project is that it's perfect for quiet play in Sacrament meeting. We always need more of those kinds of activities :) 

Charlotte loves it, too. She goes through all the outfits then mix-matches them up. She will always be my most favorite little mermaid! 


Susan Stange said...

This is perfect! I need to do this for Chelsea because she would love it and I bet it would keep her better occupied during church, too!

Layla said...

So cute! Very creative.

The Leders! said...

Lindsey! So cute! Love your blog :) I try to catch up as often as I can! So I was just thinking about you and had to let you know... I think it was maybe a couple years ago now you posted a picture of your stack of photo books. I had recently been in tears being so overwhelmed by my ZILLIONS of pictures and wanting so badly to make albums and document our lives. I may have messaged you this before but that night I saw your post I was about to watch my fav show at the time (Parenthood!) but I turned it off and got on the computer and started making my first photo book. You inspired me SO much! I've been making them ever since and currently have 9. Including one of our wedding, honeymoon, both kids baby books, "the beginning years" before kids, summer 2014, and one for every year since Ellie was born. I LOVE them and have a special shelf just for them. I also have made a few as gifts for family (I actually just ordered one for my mother-in-law this morning!) and I always wait to get coupons so I get them free or the bigger ones discounted! Anyway, sorry such a long comment... I just wanted to say thank you! That one post of yours helped me get so motivated to tackle my pictures and to put them in such beautiful books! Xo! You're awesome!

Jill said...

I love these! Soooooo cute!

Josh and Sarah Robison said...

This is adorable! Fun idea and awesome to have all the supplies around already! I'm doing my catch up :)