Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Penelope at 9 months

Our sweet Poppy is 9 months! She's learning so much, growing so fast, and becoming her own little person. We love her more than our hearts can handle!

She still crawls everywhere, but has also recently learned how to cruise along the couch and use the kid chairs as walkers. Can she truly be ready to walk? This can't be happening already.

 She has the sweetest, tiniest face. Her lips look like a duck's most of the time. She finally got two bottom teeth!! We thought they'd never come...poor thing had a TERRIBLE time teething.

My most favorite thing is when she plants kisses directly on our lips. This baby age is so fun :)

Signing "all done". It was the first one she learned! She also does "more" and "eat". It is the cutest thing :)

Till next month!

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Jill said...

She is beautiful!