Thursday, June 24, 2010

baby language

I'm getting to know my kid.

If he cries after a feeding, it is not because he didn't get it enough to eat. It is because he is overtired.

If he sucks his thumb, it does not mean he's hungry. It means he likes his thumb.

If he laughs while he is crying, then he's about to zonk out into a deep sleep.

If he laughs too much and is really thrilled about something, he gets the hiccups.

If he gets laid on the changing table in the middle of the night, he turns hungry- regardless of how long it has been since he last ate.

If he gets laid on his tummy and fusses, it does not mean he is upset. It means he is trying really hard to roll over and rolling over is hard work.

If he makes "the face" and tightens his lips, his tummy is completely full.

If he falls asleep to motion, then gets put in the crib, he wakes up.

If his cheeks get jiggled and you say "Hey lil cheekies!" in a high voice, he will laugh hysterically.

Other people's goofy faces are not funny. It just overstimulates him and makes him cranky.

If he takes a bath past the designated time, he does not want to splash.

Babies do communicate, just not in the ways that we adults do. Who would have thought?
I don't know it all, but its well enough for now. I know when my baby is hungry, I know when he's tired, and I know when he's bored. I am his mom, so is this surprising?

Sorry...I just had to vent a little.


Judi Judkins said...

Hey lil cheekies!! I wish I could see that. I appreciate your comments. You're a good momma. MUAH!!

SBR said...

i think it's so neat you can recognize all of are an amazing mother lindsey! and i really wish i could see talmgae laugh hysterically too. maybe a video? : ) loves