Saturday, July 3, 2010

Growing up!

In just a few days Talmage will be 3 months old! It has already flown by so fast, and even though I'd like him to stay a tiny, sweet newborn, it is pretty fun watching him absorb the world around him.

He surprised us one day by pushing up on his feet and standing! Granted it is a very wobbly stance but, it is a start! Now he does it all the time...he will try to push himself up no matter wht he's doing :)

He is also grabbing his toys now and holding onto them! His thumb remains the number one favorite.

During the day he will only take his naps in one particular place. Go figure, its the couch.

He continues to love bath-time. Sometimes I'll just let him hang out in the towel for a while.

Thankfully one thing hasn't changed. He still LOVES sleeping on Daddy's chest :)
Note Jonathan's hunky tanline....hahaha.

In other news, Jonathan's job is perfect for our family. He is back home every night around 6 so we all spend the evenings together. He has gotten lots of overtime, but also some nice LONG breaks. Next week he has four days off in a row (due to all that overtime), so we're going to Utah to have some fun :)
He is also busy at work creating lesson plans for Leave No Trace, which he will be teaching soon! I am so proud of his dedication and patience, and for the time he takes to help take care of Talmage and spoil both of us, hehe.

Have a great 4th of July everyone!

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SBR said...

look at him standing!! oh he is so darling...i think i've said that maybe every time i see his picture, but it's because it's the truth!! love you