Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Babies, Bottles, and Baseballs

Babies David, Talmage, & Kai

The three faces of America :)

We had a wonderful 4th this year. The best part was Jonathan being able to go to church with us (he had the day off due to too many credit hours). I hate being by myself at church so it was a special treat. Sunday afternoon we left for Utah to stay with my grandparents in Sandy. Monday night was the highlight of our trip...

We got awesome seats right in front of the third base line, and the whole game was really exciting. Grant(my brother) and Christopher(Jonathan's brother) were able to join us.

Talmage was happy too, he got rice cereal in his bottle for the first time. This is not something I would recommend. It was really hard for him to suck it out since it was thicker, and I had to dilute it a LOT. So mommas, when you start on cereal, use a spoon!

After he finished, he slept for FIVE hours. Amazing.
He even slept through the cheering, the wave, loudest section contest, and fireworks. It probably helped that he had these sound-proofing earmuffs on his head.

Overall it was a fun time, and I was treated to some cotton candy, which I haven't had since I was a wee kid. The only sad part was that the Bees lost :( poo.

For the rest of our visit we went to some of our favorite places in Utah, did some shopping, and hung out with family. It was all very splendid but I am glad to be home. Now its back to sitting on the couch with my little boy all day long and watching TLC :) I really do love being his mommy- he makes me laugh and smile like I never knew I could.

...and occasionally frown.

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SBR said...

You must have just wrote this! And I'm the first to read it! yay. I'm glad to hear about your trip and I wish I could have been there to see you guys! every picture I see of Talmage makes me want to just hold him and cuddle! I can't wait for that : ) loves and misses!