Monday, July 19, 2010

Baby Caps

I am obsessed with baby hats. If I had more money, I would totally splurge on these cute, boyish beanies and berets.

I love the puff-balls on top. So cute and makes for adorable pictures.

Anything crocheted goes on my list of favorites. This little hat is perfect for the winter, too.

I really like this one. Its so bright and fun! Talmage would look awesome sporting a hat like this :)

Berets for baby boys are hard to find. This one is from the Baby Gap. I think that if I ever see this on the rack it will be an automatic purchase.

These are similar to the beret. LOVE the plaid wool newsboy caps.

And who can resist a baby beanie? So darling!

Which one is your favorite?


Layla said...

GAH! I love the puff ball one! So cute.

SBR said...

i would have to agree with the puff balls! he would look like a little teddy bear : ) and the beret is my favorite too. talmage can definitely rock any of these hats.

The Garlands said...

so i totally have patterns for all those hats :) hollar if you want them