Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Video time!

I really should be better about posting more videos on here...we have SO many but I always think, "This will only be funny to me...I'm pretty sure no one else cares." haha! Which is dumb, because I LOVE when my friends post videos of their kiddos on their blogs. So now I'm catching up...these are all from the last few weeks.

This first one is just a glimpse into the broad vocabulary he now has :) He says juice, cheese, shoes, baby, hi, bye, ball, please, various animal noises, uh-ohs, thankyou (deedoo), OH YES, yay, poo...
Sorry this one is sideways. Our silly boy LOVES to dance, especially when he does his "happy dance." He's been doing this ever since he could stand, and I'm not sure where he got it from...haha.

Here's T playing wii with his dad. He gets really hyper sometimes when he's holding the wii remote and swordfighting...and yes, that IS is his name is the top right corner there because YES- he has his own mii character :D (since before he was born, actually! We've had to alter his looks some since then)

Now before you watch this one let me just admit that I do NOT let him watch tv all the time. But usually in the mornings he watches PBS, which is somewhat educational :) (his favorites are Curious George and Sesame Street)...and every morning he looks like this- a total zombie! He definitely has the "Dennett gene" that makes him go into trance mode anytime the tv is on...

This last one is my favorite :) Talmage has found that landing on his rump is pretty hilarious. He starts out on his stomach usually and then ends the routine with his bum. He will do this for a very long time, and just the other day it occurred to me to videotape it! I got the end of it so his energy is pretty worn out by this point, but you still get the idea :)

btw, when you hear Jonathan say "ouch" it's because T stopped to bite his toe. ha ha...

I wish I could record all of the funny little things this boy does...he truly brings so much joy and laughter into our home. I am so blessed to be his mommy!

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