Wednesday, October 5, 2011

our week thus far

This week so far has been both eventful and wonderful!

Over the weekend Jonathan and I stayed home and watched General Conference together, and I have to say that I haven't felt so much peace in such a long time. There is something so comfortable and familiar about sitting down to listen to the Conference talks. During this time my mind wandered a bit to the upcoming ultrasound. We were finally going to know what our second baby would be! One of the speakers (I can't remember who..) spoke of the love that fathers have for their daughters. I looked over at Jonathan and he returned the look, and I think we both knew at that point what was to come :) Up to that point we were both fully convinced that we were having a boy. It just seemed practical :)

Saturday night Talmage started a fever of 102.2 and it was pretty scary. I have never seen him so warm and miserable. The fever continued throughout the weekend, fluctuating every few hours but peaking still at 102. Since we couldn't call the doctor's office, I anxiously awaited Monday morning to schedule an appointment with the ENT. At the doctor's, I found out that he has yet another ear infection and fluid in both ears still. He was officially diagnosed with chronic fluid and surgery was scheduled for tubes on Thursday. I cannot say how grateful I am for the knowledge of all his doctors that have helped us through this process, for the caring staff at the hospital, and for our insurance that has covered every bit. We are truly blessed, and in a short while my baby's misery will be over.

So the next day was our ultrasound, and sure enough we are having a little girl! I burst into happy tears the moment my midwife typed "GIRL PARTS" on the screen while Jonathan sat in complete shock. Though we had a feeling, we really didn't expect it to be true. I continued to cry, looking pretty much ridiculous, while Karen (my midwife) showed us all her little body parts. It was a happy day!

And now we are just looking forward to Talmage's surgery on Thursday morning. I know it will be hard to see him get an IV and hooked up to a heart monitor, but it really is for the best. They said that he would feel better instantly, and that his hearing and speech will greatly improve. I love him so much and just want him back to his normal goofy self again :)

On Friday Jonathan will be leading an overnight fly fishing expedition for Outdoor Activities, and he is really excited about that! The temperatures are dropping, so everyone will be freezing but I don't think that deters his enthusiasm. I don't know how he manages to be involved with all these clubs AND be in school full-time, taking the last core classes for his major. He sure stays busy!

Here's to the rest of a good week!

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S&R said...

I am so happy for you! I love her name. She will be spectacular. Also, I looked at all your cute Halloween things and wish that I had a silhouette now...thanks. haha...I love you. Also, to make you laugh, today I fell right on my bottom as the trax train took off, knocking into some girl on the way down. Nothing like everyone staring at you and trying to scramble up while the train is jerking makes me laugh now anyway.