Wednesday, September 28, 2011

feeling Halloween-y

It's not even October yet and already I am so excited for Halloween! I used to not like this holiday very much, in fact as a child it terrified me. But over the years I've come to appreciate the concept of it- good rotten fun :) Who doesn't like candy, jack-o-lanterns, and all things spooky? (not to be confused with "creepy". anything that is "creepy" I still don't like). Plus orange is one of my favorite colors :)

Aside form making delicious chocolate-chip zucchini bread, I've gotten a head start on some Halloween crafts. They aren't fancy, and very low budget. Honestly I probably wouldn't have done any of these if it weren't for my Silhouette! love that beastly machine :)

Halloween Board:

Vinyl Pumpkins:

Just ask my husband, I pretty much spend all my free "crafty time" playing with the many functions and online images that the Silhouette SD has to offer. Sometimes I want to throw it against the wall (not really) because I am so fed up with the program and other times I want to kiss it and pat its top :) I really love that I can help my friends with projects and think of new ones constantly. Before this new baby comes I'm trying to get as many projects done as I can...but I still have a toddler to take care of now so that may or may not happen.

Speaking of our little tot, I've been trying to get him just as excited for Halloween. I can just see him giving me a look of confusion and disgust when I put his costume on him later, so to get him used to the idea we played a little dress-up :)

(This isn't THE costume. It's just for fun!)

Come on, October- get here already!

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Jill said...

love your pumpkins. I love halloween! Justin teases me because once I said, "I like Halloween things that are too cute to be scary." BUt it's the truth. I love fun halloween stuff. You are so crafty. I love it.