Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mountain Air Vacation: part 2

For the last half our trip we headed 2 hours west to a beautiful little town called Garden Valley. Jonathan spent a lot of his childhood here, learning to fly fish and falling in love with the river. Its also where he took me for our honeymoon in the wintertime, and the snow was completely untouched- sparkling and beautiful. His uncle lives in GV taking ownership to the Merc, cabin company, and most of the town. He is also the owner of the Sawtooth Lodge in Grand Jean- our first destination. He treated us to this entire vacation and we are very grateful!! We are truly blessed to be so spoiled :)

For the last few nights, Jonathan's family came up and stayed with us. The cabin was much too big for us to have all to ourselves! We had such a good time with the clan, just taking it easy.

McBride Creek Cabin, GARDEN VALLEY:

at the cabin
(I didn't get pictures of everything, but these were the exciting features)

hot tub :)

the view from the balcony was gorgeous!

just eating some grapes

the Payette River
see that red roof?^^^ that was our cabin! It was so close to the water!

floating down the Payette...

attempting to pose...not my most flattering pic. haha.

I miss you already, GV...can't wait to go back sometime!

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S&R said...

you look so adorable! and p.s, your legs are amazing! I miss you...and need to call you soon just to talk. love you