Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mountain Air Vacation: part 1

We just got back in Rexburg from our 10 day vacation. It was a blast! But I am glad to be home in my own super comfy bed :)

It was pretty eventful (and relaxing) so instead of going into detail I'll just post the pics from each place we were at. I also have a TON of pics so I broke it up into two parts. These are all from Grand Jean- the first half of our vacation.

warning: did I mention there were lots of pictures? I got a little camera happy...

Sawtooth Lodge, GRAND JEAN:

at the cabin

at the geothermal pool

pretty spot off the nature trail

at the hot springs

at Bull Trout

at Marsh Creek (Jonathan's favorite fishing spot in Idaho)

I didn't get any pictures of Stanley...but its a touristy river town about an hour away. There were some fun shops there and an art festival. Oh, and expensive gas :)

Overall we loved our time in this little mountainous haven. Its in the middle of nowhere but has so much to offer. And we felt like we were camping, because we cooked most of our food on a camp stove, roasted marshmallows under the stars (SO many stars!!), and had to filter all our water. The luxuries we had though were welcomed...beds, a shower & toilet, and wood stove to keep us toasty at night. So basically it was glorified camping. I think we were the only guests too, because everyone was waiting to come down for Labor Day weekend. So we had all the space to ourselves :) There is a diner at the Sawtooth Lodge, too, but to save money we only ate there the last night. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. It's kind of funny because both times I've visited Grand Jean I've been pregnant, and both times I've felt completely at ease about continuing the pregnancy and having a baby. Maybe its the calm quiet of nature?

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jjudkins said...

Love all the pictures. Talmage looks like he really loves being outside. You all look great, happy and healthy. Beautiful area, too.