Tuesday, September 20, 2011

baby, crafts...the usual :)

In just a few weeks we'll find out what we're having, and I am seriously very excited! Jonathan hopes boy, so that Talmage can have a little brother close in age and they can do boy stuff together :) It would be ideal, because I've always wanted at least two boys. A little girl would be wonderful too, and completely new to me. I would have no idea what to do with a girl, but I'm sure it would be a learning process!

I'm feeling pretty good these days, but still nauseous if I don't eat (which isn't usually a problem...) For some reason I get the most dizzy when I'm grocery shopping, and a few times I've had to find somewhere to sit and put my head down. I don't know why this happens, but it usually passes with a snack. You can bet I always have food in my bag :)

Probably the most exciting news is that I have been feeling little jolts and kicks from peanut for the last few weeks. They get stronger every few days, and now even Jonathan can feel them. I forgot how neat it was to feel those first kicks...unfortunately I do remember how painful they become further on in the pregnancy...

The worst symptoms are by far BACK PAIN like none other and being so tired all the time. I didn't have this kind of back pain with Talmage until the very end...so little peanut must be putting lots of pressure in just the right spot. Thankfully, my sweet husband has been very generous with massages! I love him :)

To pass the time I've been working on a few fall projects. Autumn always inspires me to be crafty because I am in love with the colors, smells, food, and just everything that comes with the season.

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Miqmi said...

I LOVE those fall frames! Did you make them?