Thursday, February 23, 2012

big brother

I was really worried before our daughter came into our lives that Talmage would not take to her very well. But in the last few days he has completely surprised me. He LOVES his little sister.

For the first few days, he didn't acknowledge her anymore than the occasional "baby!" when he noticed her in the room. He was otherwise distracted with family members staying with us. We got him to call her "sissy" and he liked that better I think.

After our guests left and we had the apartment to ourselves, Talmage realized that the baby was here to stay. He became more interested in talking to her and touching her head and such. When I put her in the swing, he would sit on the floor and watch her, sometimes rocking the swing himself. It was very cute :]

Now when he wakes up in the morning, he runs into the living room, looks around and asks for "baby sissy". When she naps in her crib he tries to climb onto our bed so he can get a peek at her. And this morning I used a bulb syringe on her nose to get the snot out, but he thought I was hurting her and told me "No no no!"

He loves to give her stuff, too.

like kisses...

and the occasional ear poke!
 He does have his jealous moments though, like when one of us is snuggling her he just has to climb onto the other side of our lap. Sometimes its annoying, but most of the time its kind of sweet :]
Last night for Charly's first bath, we stuck her brother in there with her- and he loved it! He kept handing her his toys and splashing her.
She wasn't enjoying it as much...(this is her at the beginning of the bath)

By the end of the bath, she wasn't crying anymore- just making funny faces.

Every once in a while I'll let him hold her. He thinks her soft sleepy squishy self is pretty interesting. (And if she happens to sneeze or cough while he's holding her, he thinks that is HILARIOUS. haha!)

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Photographs n Memories said...

so happy to hear your family is doing so well. and that t man is doing awesome with his little sissy. adorable.