Tuesday, February 28, 2012

moving on

After numerous applications, phone calls, emails, sleepless nights, weighing options, and especially prayers...
we finally have some exciting news!

Jonathan has been accepted to intern at the Oregon State Hospital in Salem, OR! We will move there sometime in April :] We don't know much about it yet except a few little facts...

1. The hospital is this place. Yes, it is a mental hospital- the ENTIRE THING. Cool looking, huh? We recently watched "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and it was filmed there. The movie makes it out to be really creepy but recently the hospital was remodeled and it is not so creepy anymore :)
2. He will be working with the population on patients that are ready to transition into the community. He also has the opportunity to work in the other departments, too, so he can gain more experience.We are hoping this turns into a real job for him afterwards.

3. Salem seems to be a pretty rad place to live. It is not far from the coast and less than an hour from Portland! That's where the nearest temple is.

Leaving Rexburg will be bittersweet. Despite what some people think they know about this city, it really is a wonderful place. This little college town has been good to us. It's a very LDS family friendly community, but that can have its disadvantages too. We've made lots of friends while living here but many have already moved away. I knew I wanted to have children here- and we've done that. It's been easy and convenient raising our son here and getting our daughter started with her pediatric appointments. It's also been so nice having a temple just up the street from our apartment and a beautiful new church building within walking distance. Our apartment is quaint, but its been really nice for us. My only problem with it is the size. I love all the little local shops around here and how much the city has blossomed since we've been here. I love to walk on campus and enjoy the free amenitities it has to offer, and the Spirit there is very strong. I have enjoyed the local parades and farmers markets in the summer, and the weather during those summer months is gorgeous.

But...for reasons I won't mention on here, we are ready to move on.

So all in all we are really excited to start this new adventure! It will be a little nuts moving with a 2 month old and a 2 year old but hopefully worth it in the end.

On April 1st we are having our baby blessing between Conference sessions and a bunch of family is coming for that. April 14th is Talmage's birthday, and the 26th is mine. And somewhere in there we are moving. April will be a CRAZY month!


The Garlands said...

We're going to miss you but know you'll enjoy getting a move onto the rest of your life.

Cristopher and Natalie Crowder said...

I am so excited for you and your family! Congrats on the new addition, too! Cris and I love Oregon. The Portland temple is gorgeous! We have several friends in the Salem area so let us know when you get there and we may be able to hook you up with some friends.