Monday, March 12, 2012

little ones and totes and boxes, oh my!

The title of this post pretty much says it all. These days have been so crazy with packing and keeping up with our two lovable children...I honestly can't see how we will ever get everything all packed up. This move is giving us a fresh start- we are selling things in a yard sale this weekend, selling things online, trashing other things, organizing the things we'll keep, and hopefully buying some NEW things when we get to our new home (like furniture, cause we're selling our couch and table). SO basically there is a lot to get done. And since Jonathan is gone at work everyday, you can guess who does most of the packing...(that would be me).

Our official move out date is April 5th- only 4 weeks away! We will be leaving right after Charlotte's baby blessing on the 1st.

I am really looking forward to arriving at our new place. We found an apartment in the country part of Salem that is only 10 minutes away from town. The apartment itself is MUCH bigger than the one we have now and there's even a pool in the complex (which I know Talmage will love!). And I have already made a good friend in Salem- the manager of our new complex, who would have thought!

In the meantime, Talmage is getting more comfortable with having a little sis. He actually will tolerate holding her for a little while now! These pics are in order and you can see in the last one that he was ready for her to get off, ha ha...

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