Saturday, March 17, 2012

a post about nothing in particular

I finally got around to getting Charlotte's birthprint done. (Remember the one I made for Talmage?) It honestly didn't take long but freeing up just half an hour for myself is difficult to do these days :] I loved how it turned out, however homemade it looks.

and just for fun here is an update on Charlotte. She turned one month old today! She weighs 8 something lbs now...still so tiny. She eats great, most of the time. Occasionally she will spit up A TON and its kinda scary. And usually at the worst possible time, like yesterday while I was in Payless Shoes. I am not sure why she does this but I've given up trying to understand a newborn. She sleeps pretty good, and during the night if I feed her at 10 pm I usually only have to feed her again two more times. Still so exhausting because that includes 2 diaper changes, keeping myself awake while she nurses lying beside me, and two burpings and getting her back to sleep.

She has a lot of baby acne right now that looks well...I'll admit it, quite hideous. I still love her and think she is beautiful but the acne is kinda bad. Hopefully it doesn't hurt! She finally has outgrown "newborn" size and is in the 0-3 month clothes (which I'm stoked about cause I have much cuter things in that size, haha). AND THE BEST NEWS! I finally have her on somewhat of a routine! It is still a work in progress but usually after feeding her in the morning, she will sleep until Talmage goes down for a nap, which lets me focus my attention on him until he is fed and asleep. She also takes a long stretch of sleep in the early evening when Talmage is most active, so that's nice. I know her sleep patterns will change but it works for now and is giving me some peace of mind :]

and Talmge is pretty much the same. haha. He loves new words, reading his books, watching his tv programs, and driving me crazy. What is new? We still love him a whole lot, though :]

This weekend is CRAZY busy with a yard sale, ward activities (which I may or may not go to), a baby shower, and more packing. I am crossing my fingers that we make some major progress with the packing because I feel like I am living in a pig-sty.

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