Saturday, October 6, 2012

a sweet General Conference!

I think this is the most excited I have ever been to listen to General Conference. I'm not sure why exactly...I usually feel pretty happy about Conference but this time I was actually counting down the days.

I think it might have something to do with the fact that EVERY Conference has very specific counsel to a problem I'm having, misdirection, or a question/concern. More than ever, I so desperately longed to hear some counsel to guide me through our currently crazy life.

Well, after just hearing the first two sessions (with tomorrow's still to come! yay!) I can say it has NOT disappointed. I am clinging on to every word.

To make this time even more wonderful, I decided to try and do something I have never done before...make homemade cinnamon rolls!

I used this recipe, and they turned out sooooo good. As it was, I did not have any yeast. But after a quick run to the store for yeast with the addition of way too many bags of flour and powdered sugar, I was all ready!

I always knew cinnamon rolls were unhealthy, but didn't fully realize just how unhealthy until making these. A few cups of sugar here, a few cubes of butter there....gah! I am really gonna push myself on my run tonight :)

I think we're going to make it a tradition to have these every General Conference. We have the store-bought orange rolls every Christmas morning. This year I am totally making these homemade ones with the modified orange concentrate frosting. yummo.

You guys! It's not too late! You can make these tomorrow for the Sunday morning session of Conference! The recipe makes 24 ENORMOUS rolls, and we ate like 5. I baked both dozens and put one, un-frosted, in the freezer for tomorrow. Not exactly sure what we're doing with the extra 7 frosted rolls in the fridge. Give them away? I totally would but I don't know any of my neighbors and that would be just weird. haha. Oh, how I miss my Hyde Park neighbors....

I hope everyone is enjoying their families, good food, and good counsel from our prophet and church leaders!

Oh, and just because she's cute and I can't resist...our little miss is growing so fast these days. She even crawls now. Well, she kind of crawls...most of the time it's just "downward dog". And her big bro is right alongside her, getting her into all kinds of trouble and fun :)

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Layla said...

I love her downward dog pose! I'm impressed that you made cinnamon rolls! I am terrified of any recipe that calls for yeast!