Monday, October 8, 2012

at the cornmaze

We needed to get out, as a family, and do something fun. Which for us, means getting TOTALLY lost and head to toe sweaty. It was a good time :)

In the hay wagon on the way to maze entrance.

Halfway through. We were tired!

Jonathan is holding, yes, a LEASH. I was too terrified at the thought of losing our energetic toddler in a gigantic maze. Normal concerns, right?

There was a mini-maze for kids. T kept looking back at us for instruction, haha.

It's a spider! Can you tell?
playing in the spider's "web"(a friend pointed out to me that this should be subtitled "Charlotte's web". haha, love it!)

he found a "blue's clue" on two of the pumpkins! kinda random....

Talmage's favorite part (and the most dirty) was the cow train. No surprise there :)

I never miss an oppurtunity to get some shots of Charlotte trying to shove stuff in her mouth. Actually, I just wanted her to sit still and pretty but she had other intentions. It may be hard to tell but in between pictures she was stuffing her face full of crunchy leafy goodness.

I can NOT wait for Halloween! I love fall so much.


The Garlands said...

Kenneth and Charlotte would get along great. :) he's constantly putting things in his mouth. drives me nuts! love and kiss you! we should talk soon.

Josh and Sarah Robison said...

I love the picture of Talmage looking so pleased as he's squeezing Charlotte in the pumpkin patch. I can't say it enough, you have the cutest kids. : ) love you

Kevin and Emily said...

I couldn't help but think Charlotte's Web when I saw her in the spider web.
Adorable pictures. They've grown up a lot the last few months!

Chevron andLace said...

Oh my cute!

Joe and Bree said...

They have both gotten so big!!! Cute, cute, cute! Miss you guys!

P.S. Claire has that same exact shirt that Charlotte is wearing. ;)