Tuesday, December 18, 2012

double digits :)

Charlotte is 10 months old! Whoa. That's awfully close to a year....(am I ready for that?!)

Our girly at 10 months ...

~crawls super speedy fast, especially if she sees something she wants her chubby little hands on. 
~stands up and take one or two baby steps. I'm both excited and scared for her to start walking, since I know very well what that means.
~gives kisses and high-fives :D
~claps her hands when she is happy!
~eats just about everything, thanks to her brother sneaking her treats behind my back...
~gurgles her spit. ALL THE TIME. It is weird and strangely adorable.
~has much more hair coming in, and I've counted TWO curls so far. that's right folks, she'll have curly hair just like Talmage did! (he had beautiful blonde ringlets until I decided to get his hair cut. such a sad day...)
~has 6 teeth- four on top & two on bottom
~has the cutest little tushy ever. It is so petite and flat. HA. not like my tushy at all.
~prefers banana flavored things
~talks a lot: ma-ma da-da ga-ga and my favorite- ba-ba for bottle :]
~favorite places are: in the big bathroom where everything echoes, next to dishwasher or washing machine or dryer when they are on, rolling on the floor with cheerios all around her. Its like swimming in money.
~loves all toys, but especially little cars and trucks.
~takes one 3 hour long nap during the day (same time as Talmage's nap, thank goodness!) then sleeps at night from 9 pm-7:30 am. She has just recently stopped waking up at 4 or 5 am for a bottle....those mornings were not pleasant.
~loves chewing on apples with her bro. It's their favorite thing to do together :]

We love our little lass! Happy 10 months!

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The Garlands said...

Yeah. That's awesome she'll have ringlets like T did. They were so cute and I'm sure she'll be just as cute with them!