Friday, December 21, 2012

flannel series- cozy corn warmers

I finished another flannel project a few days ago, but things have been so busy lately I forgot to blog about it!

The reason I post about these kinds of things is really for others to be inspired. I am not a self professed "lifestyle blogger" or anything close to that. But when I make things I think, "that was pretty easy! maybe someone else would want to make this!"

And with Christmas just days away, this is simple last-minute gift that is still thoughtful because it's homemade (and perfect for winter!)

Cozy Corn Warmer:

Not to warm the corn, but bags made of flannel filled with corn- just to be clear :)

I used corn instead of rice for a few reasons. First of all, this is FEED CORN which does not pop- that is important unless you want to nuzzle your feet into a bag filled with popcorn. Someone told me it would smell like popcorn, but I haven't noticed any smell at all. I have some rice bags too and they DO smell when heated up. It's kind of a weird scent.
Also, feed corn stays warm for a significantly longer time than rice, and I like the texture better than all the tiny rice granules.
You can find feed corn at your local farm supply shop. It is cheap but you usually get in bulk. I had Jonathan pick some up for me when he was in Idaho. He filled a couple of gallon bags of it for me and gave the rest for his dad to use to feed his turkeys :)

I used this tutorial, referred to me by my friend Rachel G! Thanks Rachel!

The inside is minky, so its super soft & snuggly for your toesies. After I made these and put them in the microwave, I realized that the minky fabric sweats a little because it is not a natural fiber like cotton or flannel. If I made these again I might not use the minky for that reason, but at the same time there is NOTHING softer than that stuff!

Use a funnel to fill the bag half way full of corn before sewing the last little edge up.

 I made two- one for my feet and one for Jonathan's. I just love flannel on his- those sheep are so sweet! My aunt puts these bags in each of her kid's beds during the winter months to warm up the sheets. They are also nice for the hubs after he has a long hard day at work on his feet. This was mainly my intention, because J is trotting around all day delivering packages for UPS. His feet always hurt when he gets home poor guy....

I made some other corn bags that are great for achy or sore joints. These also come in handy during that time of month when I'm really crampy- I'm sure you know what I mean ;) You can also freeze them and use as ice packs.

So really, all you need for these is some flannel and corn. That's it. The minky is optional and not all that necessary.

I am SO excited for my next flannel project! It's a biggie, but it will take a long time to complete. Definitely a couple week's worth of naptimes...

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Chevron andLace said...

I really wish I had known about these when we were living in Rexburg! My toesies were always freezing and I didn't like the rice packs for the reasons you mentioned. Thanks for coming up with a solution for me!
P.S. I love your yellow Chevron pillow! :)

Chevron & Lace