Monday, December 31, 2012

no words

I figure its about time to post about our Christmas. Tomorrow is the first day of the new year after all! But I've been avoiding writing about our last week...for the reason that there just aren't words.

There are no words to describe how incredibly humbling and wonderful Christmas was for our little family this year. All I can say is that I felt love from Heavenly Father and His Son often and very strong.

We were blessed to be around family members who understand all that we are going through and who love and support us through it ALL. We were blessed to see our kid's faces light up each day preceding Christmas and each day after when we thought that they would have no surprises under the tree this year. We were blessed to come home to loving ward members who are truly our second family. We felt the Christmas spirit abundantly, saw beautiful Christmas lights by the thousands, witnessed a snowy white Christmas Eve, and partook in the spirit of giving to others.

About halfway through the month of December, I stopped looking at pinterest and creating Christmas crafts. I stopped trying to make up cute family traditions and feeling obligated to do all the Christmas-y festivities. I stopped making lists of presents I wished for my children and husband. I wanted only to focus on my Savior- God's gift to the world. And I just wanted to be with my children and watch them soak in the joys of the season. Baby Charlotte is growing so fast and I can't miss a day...she'll be 1 year so soon. And our sweet boy and his 2 year old "Talmage-isms" won't last forever. I just wanted to embrace each day I'm blessed with and hold onto these memories forever.

This year, my only "resolution" is to live each day with my family in happiness. No matter what the world throws at us, we will always love each other and heal one anothers' wounds with that love. The bitterness and the pain surrounding us will not make us hard, but soft. We will come out of our trials, one by one, upholding our values and holding onto what we know.

I love my family.

There are not enough words.

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Josh and Sarah Robison said...

I loved this post! This is what Christmas should be about : ) I love you!