Thursday, January 3, 2013

starting off the new year

I love January. It's the first month of a new year and there are no major holidays to prepare for, no birthdays to plan (at least in our family), and the excitement from Christmas starts to ease up. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE holidays and birthdays and especially Christmas, but its nice to sit back and rejuvenate.

I'll admit that the day we got back from Idaho, I took down all my Christmas decorations. It's not that I don't LOVE them, but I wanted to a clean, fresh home to live in. 

January this year for me means:

new beginnings. Jonathan is really close to getting his dream job. We don't know yet if he'll get it or not, but his chances are pretty good and we will hopefully know by the end of this month. Either way, the job situation should become more clear in the coming weeks.

new palettes. I got this cookbook for Christmas and I am really gonna try and use it. Nowadays I get all my recipes online, but then you don't know how much you can trust the recipe and they aren't all written out very well. I know these girls' blog, I've used their recipes before, and they have always been my favorites! So I'm excited to try out some new things and hopefully become a better cook.

new colors. I've gone around the block and back on color schemes for various rooms in our apartment. FINALLY I've settled on something I like for each room. I've come to realize that I like bright, sunny colors to accent mostly neutral furniture and walls. Nothing over the top- just simple. I've also realized that I like bold prints over intricate, busy ones. I had a Joann gift card, so yesterday I bought fabric and made new curtains for our bedroom. They really brighten up our room!

new hobbies. There are a few things I want to learn how to do- or learn to do better- this year. We will see if I get time to do them!

new calling. I don't think I can reveal it yet because I haven't officially been set apart, but I got a new calling in our ward! I think it will teach me a lot and be a wonderful challenge.

I'm both excited and nervous and thankful and afraid of all the changes coming, but I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and for our family. 2013 will be a GREAT year :)


Matt and Jen McEvoy said...

I am glad things are looking bright for you guys this year, and really hoping Jonathan gets the job! I'm looking forward to seeing some yummy recipes posts ;)

Photographs n Memories said...

You will have to let me know if that cookbook would be a good investment. I sure hate coming up with ideas for dinner! Hoping you guys land the job!!

The Garlands said...

I was just about to text you to see if J had heard on the job front yet. We think about you often. Excited to hear what your new calling is. :)