Tuesday, January 8, 2013

just a wee update

I want to thank every person that commented on my last post. Every single comment was just perfect and so great. It's good to know I'm not the only one having these feelings. And I hope it didn't come across that I don't feel blessed in life because I do. There are so many things I am thankful for and if I wrote it all out the list would be endless. We all have poopy days where the negative side of life gets the best of us. It was one of those days for me. Anyway, your thoughtful words and support totally made my week. My mom called me later and asked, "I read the comments on your blog. Are these your friends from Rexburg?"

and you know what I did when she asked me that? I cried. It came out of nowhere. I guess I just missed you all very immensely in that moment. And she said, "Oh...I'm sorry, hun.What good friends you have!"

after my episode was done I said, "Yes... I don't know all of them as well I would like, but they really are such good girls, and I'm thankful to know each of them."

and I really am :) yall are the best. 

So much is going on right now. Life just gets crazier. But good crazy...I think...

We are in a new ward now. They changed the boundaries in our entire Stake. It's REALLY weird, mostly because I just got called as junior Primary teacher for the 6 year olds and I got to teach them for ONE Sunday. Just one. I truly felt that it would be the best calling ever and was so happy about it, but I suspected that we'd move wards since we're so far away from the rest of our ward members. Thankfully a lot of our good friends are moving into the same ward as we are, but not all.
I admit that it will be a nice change to sit in Relief Society again. It's been about a year for me. And finally Jonathan will get to enjoy being in Elder's Quorum again. The worst part for us is that church starts at 12:30- exactly when T takes his nap. So that will be.....interesting.

Jonathan has some major job interviews coming up. We're excited and nervous. What if they both offer him a job- how will we decide? What if neither does- how will we survive? It's a lot of mental and emotional stress. I pray this stage of our life gets resolved soon.

As most of you know, Talmage got strep a few days ago. It was a nightmare, but I'll spare you the details. I hoped that if anyone in the household were to catch it it would be me...or even Jonathan but hopefully me. Of course it was little Charlotte who caught it. Nightmare times two! We are over the hump now- both tots are on antibiotics and feeling much better. I feel like a bad mom letting T eat ice cream and frozen yogurt and popsicles  all day...but it seems to be helping his throat a lot. So we're going with it.

I have so many projects I want/need to finish. But...time to craft? HA. yeah right. not gonna happen for a while. Hopefully I get them done before Charlotte's b-day, but that's a stretch.

I did however manage to do ONE really cool project! I'll post about that later when I can, but I'm really proud of it cause I made it up all by myself! and it's cute AND functional. woohoo.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far, despite the challenges it brings. I'm learning that life doesn't have to be easy to be beautiful. One particularly wonderful thing in my life right now, despite the craziness, is watching Downton Abby with my husband. So I'll get back to that right now...


Matt and Jen McEvoy said...

Matt and Regan had strep right before we moved back to Idaho, and nightmare is definitely the right word for it! Regan actually didn't complain too bad and got over it fairly quickly, but Matt was SO miserable. I am surprised that Charlotte caught it since out pediatrician said babies are not usually susceptible. But I am glad you guys got through it and hopefully you will get to be healthy for the rest of the winter!

Chevron andLace said...

I'm so sad that the little ones have gotten sick! That is NO fun, whatsoever!
I can see why you would wonder if I read your brutally honest post after reading my post today! I'm glad I made an honest stand just in time!