Thursday, January 17, 2013

11 months and growing...

Oh goodness. One month closer to a year! And one month away from a year. It's all happening so fast!!

A few days ago Charlotte broke out into a terrible rash, which we found out was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin she's been taking for her strep. It spread from her face down to her toes. Thankfully we were able to take her off the medication right away since she had cleared the strep completely. But I'll be honest...she looked awful. Worst rash I've ever seen on a baby and it happens to be my own. She isn't bothered my it but every time I look at her I can't help but wonder how on earth it doesn't hurt...

This was taken the morning we first noticed the rash. That night it got so bad I considered taking her straight to the ER. So I gave her a wee bit of Dimetap and it made ALL the difference. It's fading a little each day but not fast enough! poor girl :[

One good thing though- in the days before she got it we took lots of pictures of her. So at least I have some lovelier pictures to post... :]



at 11 months:
*she has a new nickname. we call her cha-cha cause she loves to dance to anything with a beat :]
*she can WALK! It's just plain crazy if you ask me.
*she still loves her binkies and I have no intention whatsoever of taking them away. not yet...
*says "mama" "dada" "hi" "yeah" and "ohhhhh" & signs for "eat"
*is intrigued by books more than ever.
*speaks out to her brother when she doesn't like what he's doing.
*loves grapes, cheese, corn, peas, yogurt, bananas & lots more!
*has the most random sleep pattern ever, but overall sleeps pretty good.
*follows her brother around everywhere. Everywhere. She thinks he is the bee's-knees.
*raises her eyebrows at strangers and anyone eating food in front of her.
*desperately needs clothes that fit her because she is growing so amazingly fast!

I know I post a lot about Charlotte. No, I haven't forgotten that I have a son : ] For every month he grew before he turned one year I did the same thing for him. It's nice to have a record of that first year because it goes by in a blink and its such a precious time.  His b-day is coming up in April, so we're going to be super busy with birthday stuff around here pretty soon! It's slightly there's all the other holidays. goodness! I wish I could just hit the "pause" button for a while.

Happy 11 months Charly Mae!


Photographs n Memories said...

Adorable. She has such a fun personality! In some pictures I think WOW...she looks JUST LIKE T-Man....But than in others, she looks like her own person. So cute. Love her outfits too Lindsey!

Nancy said...

Haha! We have those same rainbow pyjamas. Were they a gift from her great-grandma? ;)

The Garlands said...

She is just so cute as ever! I can't believe that another of T's birthdays is coming up. That means too that you guys have been almost gone for a year. That's just crazy! Love you and miss you.

The Dennett's said...

Yes Nancy they were! ;)

Nancy said...

Miriam just saw those pictures of Charlotte and said, "HEY! Benja-boy is wearing my footie jammies!"

"That's not Benjamin. That's your cousin Charolotte! Grandma Sharon gave you the same jammies. Isn't that cool?"

"Yeah! We're twins now!" she said.

Josh and Sarah Robison said...

So...I was going to call you today, right now. And then I remembered you have 12:30 church, and it's almost 2 here, so that would make it almost 1 where you are. So I realized I couldn't call for another two hours. blast it. Charlotte is adorable. : ) I wish I was closer to play with her and Talmage! Love you