Tuesday, January 22, 2013

flannel series: rag quilt for C

Holy crap yall I made a quilt.

Had I known it was so simple I wouldn't have waited till now to do this. In the past, whenever someone asked me if I sewed, the next question was always "Do you quilt?" So naturally I assumed that sewing and quilting were two different realms of skill. Sure, I can sew...but quilting you say? Umm no, I don't even go there.

Well, it turns out that to make a quilt, you cut a bunch of squares out of your fabric, sew them together in rows, then sew those rows together. It's actually doable! Who would have thought?

This is all slightly embarrassing since a lot of my friends are excellent quilters. I know I shouldn't be making such a big deal out of something they've known how to do for YEARS! But, I AM proud. This was a huge step for me :)

This blanket is my birthday present to Charlotte. I know...I made her a blanket for Christmas too. But you know, it's something that to me is sentimental, fun to do, and budget-friendly. Especially this one because I already had all the fabric I needed! I wanted it to be really big so it would grow with her. I didn't know it would be as big as it was, but it was a pleasant surprise!

*followed this tutorial.
*used approx. 12 yards of flannel for this project (2 yds of 6 different patterns)
*cut out lots and lots of squares with my rotary cutter. here you go.
yep. there's my squares. all 360 of them!
*sewed 12 rows of 15 squares, making it a total of 180 squares on the front and 180 on the back.
*snipped all the little hems then washed it to make it fluffy.

I LOVE how it turned out!

sewing X's through each square= so. time. consuming.

before I sewed it all together
WALLAH! sorry about the sun blare!

I love the owls the best :]

Be warned that making something like this in such a short amount of time can make you crazy. Like perhaps, you start to seam rip through your fingertips...stare at the endless amounts of squares for minutes at a time...pretend you're a housemaid from Downton Abbey sewing for the lady of the house...or you know, whatever. Of course none of those things happened to me. I was totally cool.

Yup, I was pretty much like this the whole time.

 With some of the flannel I had left I decided to go ahead and make something to go with the quilt. And what is more perfect than a stuffed owl?!

I left the heart open so we can use it as a tooth-fairy owl in the future :]

So there you go. My first ever quilt. And I must be insane because I'm making one just like it for Talmage in a month with more boyish fabric. WHY are their birthdays so close together? Oh right, cause that's what we thought would be a really great idea way back when we were making babies.

happy sewing! (and quilting)


The Garlands said...

It looks adorable!!!! I so plan to go to Joanns on Black Friday this year to get flannel for a rag quilt. :)

Photographs n Memories said...

I have always wanted to make a rag quilt... But have always freaked out to the idea. It looks absolutely amazing!!! Sooo cute. Seriously if we lived close you would force me to be more crafty. Alright, I'll just hire you. :). I love it. So cute Lindsey!

Markie said...

It's suuuper cute Lindsey! Actually I love mostly everything you make because I think we have similar tastes in fabric and colors. Love you new banner on your blog and love all the owls you've been making. SO stinkin' cute.

Layla said...

You are a sewing machine. I've always wanted to make a quilt, just don't have the time. It turned out awesome!

Chevron andLace said...

You. Are. Amazing. 'Nuff said.