Thursday, January 24, 2013

little devils

Teething has shown its ugly face today!

Never before has Charlotte shown any problems with teeth coming in till now, and her hands almost NEVER leave her mouth.

I really feel for her. She's had a ROUGH two weeks. In this order, she had:
allergic rash to amox
yeast infection
and now the worst teething ever...

Looking at her you'd think she was perfect but she's been SO miserable. And she's not the only one.

Oh, and the yeast infection. So she's had red bumps in her diaper area that I thought was from the rash before but these never went away. I made a same-day appt. and of course the pediatrician on call that day was one who I had only seen once before and had issues with. So she looks at her rash for .2 seconds and says its mrsa- which is a scary, highly contagious staph infection. She didn't even get a culture. Something didn't feel right at all and I did not trust anything she said. So I went behind her back and scheduled a second opinion appt. for the next morning. The dr. we saw the next time said "Oh's just yeast. no worries." AHhhh...thank goodness! Boy was I mad about that.

an then there's Talmage. I just don't know what to do with that boy...lately he thinks its totally okay to charge at his sister like a football player and tackle her to the ground...and throw hard objects at her head at high speeds...and push her over when he feels like it. It's driving my crazy because she gets so pouty and sensitive and sticks out her bottom lip. It breaks my heart! I am so tired of punishing him with time-outs and taking things away and spanks...I am at a loss. He just won't listen to me and he has no shame about his behavior. I know he's only 2 almost 3 but there needs to be boundaries set and he's old enough to understand its not okay to trample over a baby.

yeah, he looks sweet but he's really like this most of the time...ha!

crazy kid. I love him to death but he seriously drives me insane.

So that's that.

Jonathan has had two job interviews this week, one of which he wants more than any job ever. We hope and pray he gets it, and I plead with those of you close to us to please pray for him, too. We've struggled with our situation for a long time and we feel that it's coming to a close, but prayers can't hurt :) To be honest, I'm so tired of living like this..not knowing how we're going to make it to the next month. It's really scary. We have been so blessed to have made it this far and so many tender mercies from the Lord. But having income is kind of just can't go without it for very long. I know many of you worry about us and I promise we are fine but very, very stressed. thank you for all the support you've given us thus far.

till next time! hopefully I'll have some GOOD news!


Photographs n Memories said...

Sounds like our house...the teething and the grumpy older sibling. I wish i had words of advice for you...but i have done the same with be...a spank and in the corner....hopefully its a phase.

your kids are dolls. i LOVE the pictures you captured lindsey! so cute.

prayers being sent your way for guidance, and for your hubby! can't wait to hear GOOD news soon :)

Matt and Jen McEvoy said...

Regan doesn't listen either, I feel for you! It is so frustrating when you KNOW they understand but just won't listen. She hasn't been hurting her sister but she is so sassy all the time and always getting put in time out. I've been reading some articles about getting toddlers to listen though and I think I've been going about it the wrong way. Try doing some research online to find articles about toddler behavior, maybe you will find something that will get through to him!
I know I've already said it but I really hope and pray that you guys get the good news you have been waiting for, you deserve it!