Tuesday, May 17, 2011

about a boy

It is probably about time for an update on our little guy:)

I can't even believe how fast he's learning, like a sponge- just soaking it all up!

age:13 months
weight: 23+ lbs

he speaks:
da-da, mom, yeah, God, and the rest is gibberish :)

he signs:
brush teeth, eat, all done, milk, fish

(we are working on: more, please, thank you, dog, bird)

he understands:
go outside, ball, book, bellybutton, mouth, eyes, hair, kisses, hug, bath, hungry/snack, drink, nap-time, truck, shoes, "can I have it please?"(in regards to sharing)

His very favorite thing now is reading his books. He will lay face-down on his rug and browse through the collection. He also loves sharing with anyone who is near and hugging other kids. He doesn't hug us so much, but if there's someone his size he sees it fit I suppose! We are trying to get him to say HI and BYE, but it hasn't registered yet :) He just smiles. haha.

I should also mention that his hair is all blonde now. Jonathan and I both had blonde hair when we were little and it darkened a few years later, so I think Talmage will follow the trend.

Its lots of fun being this boy's parents and we look forward to the days ahead!

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The Garlands said...

he certainly is a cute boy :)